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Mid-Day Lunch Date! May 18, 2011

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Irving’s been getting out of work pretty late, so the past couple of days, I’ve been staying up til almost midnight waiting for him. And that is just way past my bedtime. I was a complete zombie today. Hopefully I’ll be smart enough to hit the hay a little earlier for the rest of the week. This morning, I woke up to Irving telling me that the exterminator was at the door. Eek! Granted, I should have been up at 8am anyways, but I was in a dead sleep. (We had ONE lone ant near our door a few weeks ago, but we don’t take any chances. Stay. Out. Of. My. House!)

Anyways, since Irving and I won’t see each other for dinner this week, we’ve been having lunch dates at home! He cooks, I come home and eat. Win. Win!

He even did the dishes after I went back to work. What a guy, huh?

I knew I needed an afternoon pick-me-up to keep my eyelids open, so I brought a rootbeer back with me. Surprisingly, only four people made “You’re drinking at work?” comments to me. Delicious. (Can you spot Irving in the background?)

I was completely baffled to see it actually only had 20 calories!

I’m SO excited to hang out with some fabulous bloggers tonight at a Girls Only Beer Festival. (Let’s hope I can stay awake!)


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  1. You’d hate being in my house, then. We get ants periodically, like whenever it rains, or the weather changes. I HATE it.

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