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Choo Choo! The Healthy Train! May 24, 2011

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Remember the time I worked out with a trainer and lost 20 pounds before my wedding? Remember I used to count calories, drink protein shakes and go for daily runs? That healthy lifestyle now feels like a distant memory to me now. What Happened? Marriage happened! A life of gluttonous eating, world traveling and a profound contentness happened. And all my healthy habits vanished with my single-dom.

Last week, at a blogger event, the girls asked me when my “tipping point” was for healthy living. I kinda stared back dumbfounded. I said that I really haven’t hit my tipping point yet. But that’s kind of a lame excuse. I’m not living healthy because I haven’t had a turning point yet. What? The turning point is NOW. Right here. This is my tipping point.

Well, can you hear that? The rumbling in the distance? The fluttering of birds overhead? The faint choo-choo-ing of an on-coming train? It’s the healthy train, and I’m jumping aboard. For real this time. I’m going to DO this. And I have a plan.

  • I now have a healthy living coach who made a plan for me, and will call monthly to check in and make sure I’m on track for reaching my goals.
  • At least 30 minutes of cardio most days. I told her realistically, I will aim for 6 days a week. 30 minutes isn’t that hard.
  • When I get my pedometer, I’m aiming for at least 10,000 steps per day (about 5 miles)
  • Begin a real strength training plan, starting at once a week until the soreness wears off.
  • Eat more whole foods and less packaged, processed and frozen things

I am inspired daily by the blogs and articles I read. And it’s time to act on that inspiration. I will be charting my activity daily on the blog!


Dinner tonight consisted of whole foods! I am very aware of the lack of protein in this meal. That is definitely something I’m working on nutritionally.

First up, I cut up some cute little potatoes:

And tossed them in a bag with some olive oil, parsley, dill and some other stuff:

What’s the “other stuff”? A little of this and a little of that:

I also roasted some Trader Joes asparagas with lemon pepper:

Served with a side of spinach with a drizzle of honey:

Not bad for day one of the “let’s not eat crap for dinner” campaign, no?

Keep the inspiration coming!


6 Responses to “Choo Choo! The Healthy Train!”

  1. Liz R Says:

    Hey, if I can do the healthy train, so can you. Even if we don’t do the same plan, the end results are the same. I like the idea of the health coach. Something for me to look into (as long as insurance would cover it).

  2. Amanda Says:

    You will do awesome Kelley! I’m trying to get on a healthy train too. I need to try to lose 30 lbs before I start thinking about having a baby. Stressful! I need a health coach. That’s an awesome idea!

  3. You can do it! Once you make a habit of these things, it will fit nicely into your married life!

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