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Classing it Up May 30, 2011

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Remember that cookie concoction I bought at the Larchmont Bungalow yesterday? We broke it out last night for dessert.

It was marshmallow sandwiched between two chocolate chunk cookies, dipped in chocolate, covered in sprinkles and topped with a layer of white chocolate. Got all that?

It was definitely tasty, but it was almost a little too much. Even for me. I would have been fine with just a chocolate chip cookie or two. The thing was so huge that it actually took two of us to eat it in almost four different sittings.

PS… here’s Erica’s post about this place from one of the times she went there. Worth the trip!

We spent most of the day unwiring and rewiring the entire living room in preparation of our newest arrival… our XBox! This led to a trip to the toy store Fry’s Electronics. What better way to spend a three day weekend than buying cable splitters, Ethernet cords and surge protectors?! Honestly, I can’t think of anything better. lol

But yea, to be fair, we also got the “You Don’t Know Jack” video game and some Spanish software (I’m trying to learn Spanish this year and the software was free on rebate!) Oh man, this “YDKJ” video game is great. I used to play it on my computer YEARS ago and now it’s back! It’s hilarious. We played for hours today!

Then we went to see “Hangover 2” with Erica! It was raunchy and ridiculous and completely over the top, but it was really really funny and pretty well done. The music score was fantastic and the characters are just perfect for those roles. Glad I got to see it since I’m sure everyone will be talking about it this week.

For dinner, I took the lazy way out and assembled “make your own tacos”.  You really can’t go wrong with Spanish rice and taco meat.

Our dishwasher didn’t run last night as planned, so we ate our meal on paper plates with plastic forks. We’re classy folks over here!

Served with some of our Rum In A Bag from Vegas. But don’t be fooled, there was very little rum in this glass since most of it was crushed ice and Orange Juice.

Sadly, we didn’t get out for a walk today, thus kind of failing the walking challenge, but we did go for the past few days and I went about 16 miles in 6 days or so. We’ll pick it right back up tomorrow and keep making it part of our lifestyle.


By the way, we’re going to buy one of the XBox Fitness games and we’re torn between The Biggest Loser, EA Active and Your Shape. Any suggestions?


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  1. Liz R Says:

    I have the EA Active for the Wii. I enjoy it, but I haven’t tried the others so I have no comparison.

  2. indyink Says:

    I had no idea they were selling YDKJ again. One of the best games ever. Did you get the original or some offshoot, like a TV edition?

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