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Happy Two! July 11, 2011

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Today is our SECOND wedding anniversary!!!!!
IMG_0325 1 IMG_0231 1 

Happy Anniversary, Irving. These past two years have flown by, and I love and appreciate you more every day we spend together. Thank you for giving me a life filled with fun, travel, laughter, Menchies and Love. I need you in my life more than you know. I’m so lucky to call you my husband.
We celebrated yesterday with a day filled with Southern California adventure. We started with breakfast at the corner bakery. We sat over cups of coffee and talked about current events, politics and some future travel plans. This is what being married is all about. It was perfect.

Oh, and we split a brownie after too… at um… 10am. Hey, it’s our anniversary!2011-07-10_10-24-18_353

Traditionally, the 2nd anniversary gift is supposed to be “cotton”. We were racking our brains all week thinking of something small we could get to celebrate two great years together. We decided on new beach towels! Our current ones are seven years old and were from the clearance rack at Target. Time for an upgrade!

Success at Macy’s! Two extremely plush and oversized beach towels!
The second anniversary gift is cotton..

His & Hers… they are so soft!
2nd Anniversary Oxnard (36)

We didn’t really have any plans, so we kept driving up the One-Oh-One towards Oxnard and the Channel Islands. We found a beautiful marina and pulled in to walk around for a bit.
2nd Anniversary Oxnard (2)

2nd Anniversary Oxnard (3)

We pretty much decided that it would be awesome to live on one of the canals there. All the charm of a marina, without the touristy crowds.
2nd Anniversary Oxnard (5)

We crossed the street, kicked off our shoes, and headed to the beach!
2nd Anniversary Oxnard (7)

I was very surprised to see sand dunes there! That’s such an East Coast thing!
2nd Anniversary Oxnard (18)

2nd Anniversary Oxnard (9)

There weren’t too many people there, despite the hot weather. It was nice to enjoy the sea breeze hand-in-hand.
2nd Anniversary Oxnard (8)

Hi Seagull!
2nd Anniversary Oxnard (17)

2nd Anniversary Oxnard (10)

2nd Anniversary Oxnard (11)

There’s Mr. Seagull again!
2nd Anniversary Oxnard (13)

2nd Anniversary Oxnard (15)

2nd Anniversary Oxnard (16)

After my calves had enough of a workout on the sand, we drove over to the Channel Islands Visitor Center to learn more about the islands. Someday we’ll get to go kayak and camp there. It’s a set of islands 11 miles off the coast that is supposed to be gorgeous. It’s on our list!
2nd Anniversary Oxnard (19)

We headed over to the Pacific Coast Highway and drove for an hour towards Malibu.
2nd Anniversary Oxnard (20)

2nd Anniversary Oxnard (21)

Hey, are you following me?
2nd Anniversary Oxnard (22)

We chose to eat dinner at the Beachcomber Café in Malibu. It’s a popular restaurant right on the pier. We bought a LivingSocial coupon a while back and figured it was time to cash it in.
2nd Anniversary Oxnard (23)

Let me just say that we were not impressed. It’s one of those places that is way too popular for no good reason. The hostess and staff were slow, rude and confused. But we just laughed at the comedy of errors and had a great time anyways.

At first they seated us in an interior table (even though there were a few water front tables available).
2nd Anniversary Oxnard (25)

But we sweet-talked the waiter into finally letting us jump over. Much better!
2nd Anniversary Oxnard (26)

We had great views of the pier and the crashing waves.
2nd Anniversary Oxnard (27)

2nd Anniversary Oxnard (28)

We started with the artichoke and spinach dip that was baked and served with bread.
2nd Anniversary Oxnard (30)

Irving got the Kobe burger. I was a little jealous.
2nd Anniversary Oxnard (32)

And I ordered the filet mignon chopped salad. It was pretty good, but nothing special.2nd Anniversary Oxnard (31)

But I admit, I was saving up for dessert! Let me introduce you to this!
2nd Anniversary Oxnard (34) 2nd Anniversary Oxnard (35)

S’mores sundae! It had ice-cream, toasted marshmallows, chocolate sauce and whipped cream. And it had graham crackers along the edge. YUM!
2nd Anniversary Oxnard (33)

What a perfect day. It’s nice to not have an agenda or specific plans. Sometimes it’s fun just to wing it and hit the open road.

Happy Anniversary Darling!

Read about our 1st anniversary here!


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  1. diana Says:

    I just got back from Channel Islands! There are going to be pictures on my website this week! 🙂 It was pretty cool!

  2. SkinnyRunner Says:

    happy anniversary!
    if you head south, go to the beachcomber in crystal cove; its right on the beach and cute.

  3. Janie and Jake Says:

    We’ll bring our kayak next time we head south – that looked like a wonderful place to try out! And have one of those sundaes too…

  4. Amanda Says:

    Happy two years! I still need to meet Irving! We should do a soccer game one of these days!

  5. chely Says:

    Happy Anniversary! Can’t believe it’s already been two years since your beautiful wedding!!!

  6. Danielle Says:

    Happy Anniversary! Looks like a great day.
    I grew up in Oxnard. Love the photos of the beach.

  7. Lizzy Says:

    Happy Anniversary!!!! Your wedding photos are beautiful and looks like you guys had an awesomeday. Me want that Smores sundae…WOW!!!

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