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BlogHer is Delicious August 7, 2011

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I can’t decide if BlogHer weekend felt like 10 days or 10 minutes. It’s crazy how many people I met and how much I learned in such a short amount of time. Overall, it was really great and I’m excited to try out some new things I learned.


Now that I’m safely back home, I can tell you where we stayed for the weekend! The La Pensione Hotel in Little Italy is one of our favorites. We stay there every time we go to San Diego since the rates are low and the location is great. IMG_6878

It’s right in the heart of Little Italy and just a block away from the Trolley.

They recently updated the rooms too, so it’s got a European Chic look now. I love the grey + silver color scheme they have now!

Our room had been renovated, but there were others that were completely redone from the bottom up. We asked to take a peek and they were gorgeous. Next time we’re staying in one of these!


Sigh. I just love nice hotels. Especially the ones that are cute, off the beaten path, and really feel like home. (Not that my home has an awesome bathroom like this, but you know what I mean).

So back to the conference, after I had breakfast with Bob, I headed over to the Daisy Cottage Cheese Refuel & Recharge suite. I was invited to have a snack, talk about nutrition and get a spa treatment. Sign me up!

Just a tid-bit from what I learned, Daisy Cottage Cheese only has three ingredients: Cultured skim milk, cream and salt. That’s it. It was a perfect mid-day snack! Thanks for the invite, ladies!

I also did a paraffin hand treatment before I left too. Have you ever done that? You literally submerge your hands into piping hot wax and let it harden, then it peels off! So cool! That was definitely a first for me!

After that, I popped back into some sessions to learn some more! First up was Til Blog Do Us Part. I initially thought it was about how blogging affects relationships and marriages. I think blogging is definitely a delicate subject that your spouse and family really should be on board with. I’m lucky that I do have the support of my husband and family (love you!) However, the session mostly talked about blogging about divorce, remarriage and mixed families. Though it didn’t really apply to me, it was still interesting to hear the panel, specifically the man below, who co-writes a blog with his ex-wife about raising their children.

I snuck out of that one a few minutes early to catch the end of Blog Design and I was sad to have missed the beginning of it. It really sounded like an awesome session about what makes blogs look good from font to sidebars to headers. (Kelocity needs a header, don’t you think? Working on it!)

Then lunch! As I was in line to make my plate, I did a double take and saw the beautiful Kelle from Enjoying the Small Things. I read about 200 blogs a day, and if there was ONE blog that I could recommend, it would be this one. She and her family will melt your heart, you MUST go over there right now and look. Seriously go! I was totally star struck when I saw her. And little Nella was just TOO CUTE!

I’ll be back soon with the last of the BlogHer Recaps! I’m off to watch Meet Joe Black with my husband! They shot the movie at the same place where my friend had her wedding two weeks ago, so now we’re dying to see it in the film!