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Tiny Baby Things August 22, 2011

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Well, it really does seem like there has been a parade of babies lately! First it was wedding after wedding and now so many of my friends are starting families and it’s so much fun. This weekend was the baby shower of my good friend, Janet. She’s having a baby boy soon and was great to celebrate with her.

The shower was gorgeous, everything was just so adorable.


What a good idea to make tea sandwiches out of cookie cutters!

And the cake! Oh, the cake. More on that later. But it matched the plates! IMG_7375

I couldn’t wait to steal a taste of that icing!

It was so nice to have a sit down lunch and get to know some of Janet’s friends. Such a great group of girls.

We played a lot of really fun games that I’d never seen before. This first one had a board of all kinds of candy bars. Then the host read a story and you had to guess which one matched. For example: “The amount of hospital bills from having a baby…. 100 Grand” or “Twin baby Boys… Mike and Ike”. All of them were so funny we were laughing so hard.

There was a game of ‘match the celebrity baby’ too. I’m happy to report that I got them all right.

Ok, seriously, how cute is this? Can you believe someone made this?

Lunch was delicious. Especially the salad. I almost went back for more.

Later, we all decorated onesies for the baby.

We each started with a different size onesie. A blank canvas if you will.

Let the creativity begin!

Janet’s husband and Irving were college roommates, so I thought it was appropriate to represent!

I’m sure it will be his favorite shirt. Bahaha

Then we ate the cake!! Oh man, I love cake. I asked for a piece with extra frosting and boy did they deliver. Some of the best icing I’ve ever had. That “sugar-rush-to-you-brain-hurt” kind of good. It tasted as amazing as it looked.

Note: not my piece of cake. Mine had extra smears of icing all over the plate.

Soon it was time to shower Janet with presents. Everything was just so cute. We oo’d and aah’d over all of it.

Baby Rocker T-shirts! Are you kidding? Adorable.

Congrats to the mama-to-be. She was just glowing. So happy to be part of this special day.


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  1. Holy crap that watermelon! That is amazing. Looks like a great shower!

  2. Wow, seeing “Class of 2032” is a little surreal to me…!

  3. That is the cutest baby shower I have ever seen. The cake is just amazing. The games look so cute and I love the idea of the onesie decorating. I might have to attempt that watermelon carriage one of these days.

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