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The Ragnar Reacharound August 27, 2011

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Doing the SoCal Ragnar Relay was definitely one of the top 10 things I’ve ever done in my life. Ever. It was amazing. Getting in a van with six other strangers and running a combined 200 miles over two days was such an amazing experience.


It’s hard to pull a u-turn in a huge 16 passenger van. We dubbed our signature move the “Ragnar Reacharound”. Man, it’s crazy how sleep deprivation can make anything sound hilarious.

I was on an awesome team with some very fun people. We were also lucky enough to have a film crew with us the whole weekend!!!! I can’t WAIT to see the final video, but they sent over a teaser that seriously gives me chills when I watch it.

This is just a rough cut, but I am in love with it.



2 Responses to “The Ragnar Reacharound”

  1. cathy Says:

    that video is awesome…what a fun time!…looking fwd to more pics and more videos
    congrats to you and your team…what a great thing!
    love it!

  2. Mikaela Says:

    the video is so cool…it looks like so fun! haha if only i liked running, sleeping in a car and not showering for days!!!! haha great job!

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