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Flashback: Foxploration, Hollywood South of the Border August 29, 2011

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Flashback from November 23, 2006

Back before the days of drug wars and Weeds, we bought some extra car insurance and drove down to Mexico for Thanksgiving in 2006. We had four days to explore the area and it actually was a very fun trip. We stayed in the Rosarito Beach Hotel.
Rosarito06 100 (Medium) (Small)

Gosh, we looked so young!
Rosarito06 002 (Medium) (Small)

Rosarito06 099 (Medium) (Small)

After exploring Rosarito, we headed to Foxploration (Now Baja Studios). I don’t think it’s open to tourists anymore, but the studio is still there.
Rosarito06 024

Irv_Rosarito06 021

The studios were built for the filming of Titanic and most of the sets are still there.
Rosarito06 026

Here are a few highlights from the tour:

The car that Jack and Rose made out in under the ship:
Irv_Rosarito06 034

Rosarito06 061

The pipe where Jack was handcuffed while the boat was sinking!
Rosarito06 035

And the desk in the room where Rose ends finding him.
Rosarito06 037

Jack’s original 3rd class bunk room.
Rosarito06 038

When the ship was sinking, passengers got stuck behind this gate! Luckily Irving was on the right side.
Rosarito06 040

The “Blue Diamond” prop and painting.
Rosarito06 041

The safe where Rose’s jerk of a husband kept his money.
Irv_Rosarito06 042

Rose’s stateroom
Irv_Rosarito06 041

The clock at the top of the grand staircase.
Rosarito06 045

One of the dresses that Kate Winslet wore in the movie.
Rosarito06 047

And some of the other costumes from the film.

Rosarito06 058

The deck where Rose first meets Jack.
Rosarito06 053

Rosarito06 064\

This is the set for when the morse code guy tries to signal for help!
Rosarito06 065

If they’d just let me drive, I wouldn’t have hit that iceberg!
Irv_Rosarito06 098

A few of the model ships!
Rosarito06 068

Irv_Rosarito06 064

Remember that shot of the Titanic at the “bottom” of the ocean floor? Here is the model they used!
Irv_Rosarito06 036 Irv_Rosarito06 035

And a small tank they used for some of the exterior shots:
Irv_Rosarito06 065

Irv_Rosarito06 127 Irv_Rosarito06 135

Irv_Rosarito06 129

In front is the set that they used to film the famous “never let go” scene! I love the magic of Hollywood.
Rosarito06 080

Remember all those scenes when the ship was turning vertical? Here’s another movie trick they used!
Irv_Rosarito06 121 Irv_Rosarito06 120

What? More magic you say? Watch us climb a building!
Irv_Rosarito06 124  Irv_Rosarito06 125

The other really big movie that was shot in these studios was Rome + Juliet which just so happens to be my FAVORITE movie of all time. Look! The license plates from the cars!!
Rosarito06 059

And the dress Juliet wore in the Pool Scene…
Rosarito06 060

Next to it is the shirt that Gregory wore in the gas station scene too.

The cars!!! Remember this from the movie?!
Irv_Rosarito06 108Irv_Rosarito06 112

Irv_Rosarito06 115

Irv_Rosarito06 113

They also had a few ships from Master and Commander to tour as well. I didn’t see the movie, but film sets are fun!
Irv_Rosarito06 132 Irv_Rosarito06 133

Rosarito06 073

Also on the tour were some props from the movie Speed.
Irv_Rosarito06 076

Irv_Rosarito06 074

Ok, don’t hate me, but I’m not sure if this is from Star Trek or the X-Files. Any nerds fans know?
Irv_Rosarito06 077

Irv_Rosarito06 078

Oh and another random fact… the gate that was used in The Sound of Music in the cemetery scene is there too.
Rosarito06 030

The rest of our Mexican adventure was a blast too. We explored the beaches and the boardwalks for a bit.
Irv_Rosarito06 168 Irv_Rosarito06 169 

And also made it down for some Wine Tasting in Ensenada.
Rosarito06 085

Rosarito06 086

Irv_Rosarito06 157

Irv_Rosarito06 156 Irv_Rosarito06 159

PS. I illegally took this photo of the US/Mexico border markers. Shhh!
Rosarito06 103

I would also like to thank Irving for his mad Spanish skills. He successfully used enough of it to get us out of a ticket for trying to “cut the border crossing line”. Thankfully it worked, but it was a close call.

We had a great time south of the border and hope to do it again someday!


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  1. Mrs. Wonder Says:

    Ooh, loved that yellow convertible in R&J. I adore that movie, so I guess I’d have to head down there to see the stuff someday!

  2. Abagail Says:

    Kelly, I love this. I live a mile north of Fox Studios and never have gone in. You did an amazing job of this. I’m also a cancer survivor … best of luck to you and thanks so much for this site.

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