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Salzburg: The Salt Mines October 8, 2011

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After we left the Sound of Music tour, we had one more thing on our to-do list: The Salzburg Salt Mines. I was kind of on the fence about doing this since we thought the Krakow ones were a little silly. But we heard good things about it so decided to give it a try.

It ended up being worth the trip and really fun. We were so glad we went. But first things first:

You have to dress the part. HAHA
IMG_9795 IMG_9794

IMG_7990  IMG_9796

Yep. Now we’re ready to go! We said good bye to the daylight and descended into the mine.

This one wasn’t as vertically deep as the other one, but it was massive inside and you had to ride a train car to get around.


And that thing zoomed pretty fast through the tunnels. So fun!

One of the unique things about the mine is that it straddles both Germany and Austria!

Inside is a giant Brine Lake that we actually took a boat across. There were lights and sound involved, but it was actually quite nice.


But the best part was yet to come! We got to go down mining slides!! Just sit down… and go! (That’s what the white jump suits were for, besides being incredibly stylish!)


Here’s a video of us going down the steepest slide!

I was kind of sad to give back my awesome miners clothes. LOL
IMG_9832 IMG_9849

On the grounds of the mines is a little recreated Celtic village to celebrate the lives of the first miners. We walked around for a bit before getting back in the car.

This was a self timer. Pretty good, huh?

We had a great time in Austria, but it was time to head back to Munich to catch our plane home. Thank goodness for the GPS though. It was SO helpful on those crazy European roads.

I had an amazing time in Europe. I think this was my favorite trip to date. So much history, scenery and adventures. The perfect combination. We’ll be back, Europe.

Thanks for reading all my recaps! Hope you enjoyed them! Thanks for letting me share my photos and stories with you!


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  1. Karen Says:

    Hi, It sounds like you had a great time on your trip. I agree, a good
    GPS makes traveling much easier.

  2. Papa Says:

    You relieve a little bit of my life!!
    love you both

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