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Skidaddle to Seattle October 14, 2011

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All weekend we kept saying Skidaddle instead of Seattle. It just sounds fun. It was nice not having an agenda, timeline or any expectations. We definitely relaxed and enjoyed ourselves. We stayed in the Vintage Park Hotel right in the heart of downtown. We found a deal through Priceline and would definitely recommend it.


The next morning, we decided to walk along the water and find the famous market. The seafront is beautiful. I’m sure it’s hopping in the summer, but it was quiet when we were there.

We found the first Starbucks! This is where it all started! But far too crowded to want to wait in line for a coffee.

And finally the market!



(PS. These will be among the last pictures of me ever in this sweater. My dear husband shrunk it in the dryer this week. It’s 100% wool. Oy vey. Oh well. It was nice while it lasted. LOL)

IMG_0258 IMG_0248


At the market, we bought a bouquet of flowers for a friend we were meeting. It was GINORMOUS!


We carried our flowers to a ferry where we had a 30 minute ride to Bainbridge Island to meet said friend.
IMG_0273 IMG_0272



I started off outside, but it got cold real quick.

I stuck around long enough to see the skyline from the water (which was amazing!)


But then got inside to escape the wind. (I know, always on the phone. Bad bad habit).

We got photobombed by a BIRD!

Don’t lie, Irving.  You were cold too. =)

IMG_0278 IMG_0329IMG_0342


We had a wonderful dinner with our friends. They prepared a homemade meal and much of it came directly from their garden!!! That was a nice treat. On the way back we watched the Seattle city come back into view. I loved all the colors.

On Monday morning, our last day, we awoke to some rain drops. So instead of walking, we took the monorail (which was also built for the World’s Fair in the 1960s).

IMG_0506 IMG_0508

To escape the rain, we headed to the Science Museum for an IMAX movie.

We saw Rocky Mountain Express. Even if you don’t like trains, I thought it was a great movie. It was about how they built the Canadian railroad system through the Rocky Mountains. Pretty neat actually.

We had lunch at Whole Foods and headed over to our last destination: REI. Seattle is home to the largest REI store in the country. Irving used to work there (ages ago) so this was fun to visit.

We really loved Seattle and hope to visit again soon. It had the perfect mix of good food, good people and lots and lots of great attractions.
Photo taken by the fine people who work at the Space Needle.


4 Responses to “Skidaddle to Seattle”

  1. Mama Gaga Says:

    Fun! I’ve always wanted to go, but never made it while we were in Cali. Looks like a great weekend. You two are so stinkin’ cute together. 🙂

  2. I love Seattle!!! My aunt, uncle & cousins live there so I have been going for years. I took my husband for the 1st time last year and he fell in love too. The market is awesome, the food is awesome and I love all the outdoor activities. I could totally move there 🙂

  3. Seattle is one my favorite cities to visit. It is so friendly and easy to get around. I really loved your pictures it was almost being there with you. My wife and I have managed to go to every state in the U.S., but Washington remains one of our top places to go. In fact, we are headed there again next Sept for a cruise to Alaska.
    Next time you go, try and make it up to Bellingham to catch one of the ferries to one of the San Juan Islands. The ride is nice and senic, and there are some interesting hiking trails once you get to your detination..

    • Kelocity Says:

      Thanks! That sounds awesome. I’ve heard good things about the San Juan Islands. I’ll definitely be back up there to visit again, it was such a great place. Have fun on your cruise! That sounds amazing. Alaska is on my list someday too!

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