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Purging January 2, 2012

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We’re in the process of converting our home office into a nursery (more on that later!) Part of the process includes selling, donating and trashing A LOT of things to make room.

Today’s task: Conquer my Pen drawer (I’m a closeted Pen Hoarder)! I’ve never met a colored pen I didn’t like. I took them all out and tested today and tossed about 20 of them.

They are now organized my type: Sharpies (thin and thick), Markers, Colored Pens, crayons, Regular pens, highlighters… I have a problem. Don’t let me steal any more pens!

Fresh Start 2012!


What are you doing to kick off the new year fresh?


7 Responses to “Purging”

  1. That’s a HUGE amount of pens!!! Hahaha, my sister is the exact same way. The hubs and I haven’t started the nursery yet but I have to begin purging in their too. I’m afraid of my race shirt and medal collection…yikes!

    • Kelocity Says:

      Oh man, I have a ton of medals too that are currently displayed, but sadly I think they’ll be going into a box soon til we have a bigger place. Sad!

  2. I am a pen hoarder too … I can toss everything else with ease … but not pens/sharpies/highlighters .. I am the worse!

  3. booradlee Says:

    I am cracking up because I am the same way with pens. It’s bad!

  4. Our home office needs to be cleaned out too! Mostly because it is a giant mess in a very small space!

    Have a blessed and beautiful New Year!

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