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First trip to Disneyland! February 27, 2012

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This weekend, Erika and I drove down to Disneyland to meet up with our high school friend, Courtney. I know I’ve been hanging out in “sick alley” all week, but when a friend you only get to see twice a year flies 3,000 miles to California… you make every effort to celebrate! I wouldn’t have missed it! We had a blast!

This was my first time in Disneyland, so I was just excited to see the park and check out a few attractions! (I ran the Disneyland Half Marathon in 2006, but didn’t get to go on any rides!) Luckily, Erika is a Disney expert and guided us all through the park without a map.

We enjoyed lunch and then spent a few hours trying to find rides that both me (and 9-month old Sophie) could enjoy with everyone! First up: It’s a Small World!


It was so cute to see Sophie bopping her head along to the music. I think she really liked it!

After, we did the Jungle Cruise and the Pirates of the Caribbean ride. The lines were not too bad, and we had a blast chatting and catching up.

By the way, if you’re in the market for a stroller… there’s no better place to compare than the stroller parking at Disneyland! Seriously, I couldn’t believe how many there were at each ride. Woah.

The longest line we waited in all day was actually for FOOD! Erika had raved about the Dole kiosk that sells Pineapple Floats! It was awesome! Totally hit the spot. And now I want another one.

Baby’s first trip to Disneyland!

Can’t wait to come back someday when he/she is old enough to experience the magic!

What a nice afternoon with some of my favorites. =)

What’s your favorite Disney attraction?


5 Responses to “First trip to Disneyland!”

  1. That looks like it was so fun! While I am not a fan of lines and such, I know it’ll be great to take your kid there someday!

    That pineapple float looks divine… need to replicate. I’m shocked you’ve never been!

  2. Mama Gaga Says:

    Seriously.. you’ve never done Disneyland before?!?! This might top the ‘interesting facts I never knew about Kelley” list! 🙂 So fun that the three…I mean four… I mean FIVE of you got to go together!! An OMG I am obsessed with the Dole Pineapple soft serve and yearn for it at least 6x/year. I had no idea they do FLOATS! I must get one asap. 🙂

  3. AJ Says:

    OMG! Your first time?! Amazing. I have an annual pass – I can’t help myself. And I have to have a Dole Whip every time I go.

  4. Erika Says:

    It was so much fun!!

  5. booradlee Says:

    I’m so glad you were able to go! I love Disneyland. We had many dates there when Andy was in San Diego. It was our halfway meeting spot.

    Dole whips are the BEST! So jealous!

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