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Grandparent Love July 6, 2012

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It was so nice to have my parents in town this week. It was so sweet to see them with Adele. Just as when Irving’s mom was here too, we learned so much from them. We were so lucky they were able to make the trip out west, we enjoyed every second.
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Adele loved playing with her new toys too. I thought she was too young for them, but my mom showed me that she liked to look at the lights and track objects with her eyes! What would we do without our grandmothers, right Adele?!
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We didn’t go out too much when they were here, we mostly enjoyed her in between naps, and did little things in our area.
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One morning, we headed over to the Americana in Glendale to see the Farmer’s Market.
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Fresh Aqua Fresca, anyone?!
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It was nice to walk around some shops and enjoy the fresh air while the baby napped.
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But it’s the little things around the house that were the most fun. Bath time (which Adele LOVES) was one of my favorites.
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And playtime on the floor is always a winner. I love the baby coos. It was so sweet to see Adele with the same love that I have.
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Three generations of girls!
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I think we’ve got some proud grandparents here!
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She pulled out the happy baby face a lot this week. So much love.
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And a quick picture of me and mom, just for fun!
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More pictures from their visit forthcoming! I miss them already!