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Two Years June 8, 2014

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An Epic Cross-Country Vacation May 28, 2014

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So by now, you’ve seen a few of our pictures from our trip to China. I wrote about why we left Adele for the two weeks while we gone. It wasn’t easy leaving our little one behind.
Adeles Cross Country Vacation - LA and Travel Day (4)

You might be wondering where she was while we were away… Here’s a hint:

Adeles Cross Country Vacation - Haverhill (17) copy

Long story short, Adele had two plane rides, slept in four cities in three states. She was well taken care of by family on both sides. It was the great cross-country family tour of 2014 for her. And she did great. She had an epic vacation and was completely spoiled by everyone she visited. Here’s just a few of the 400+ photos she came back with.

First she flew from LA to Chicago with Aunty Laurie. The next day, she drove to Indianapolis to visit Aunties EJ and Sarah!
Adeles Cross Country Vacation - Indianapolis (4)Adeles Cross Country Vacation - Indianapolis (24)Adeles Cross Country Vacation - Indianapolis (36)Adeles Cross Country Vacation - Indianapolis (39)

A few days later, Grammie flew to Chicago and Adele drove back to Chicago and they stayed there for a few day!
Adeles Cross Country Vacation - Chicago (36)Adeles Cross Country Vacation - Chicago (44)Adeles Cross Country Vacation - Chicago (55)

Adeles Cross Country Vacation - Chicago (60)Adeles Cross Country Vacation - Chicago (64)Adeles Cross Country Vacation - Chicago (66)Adeles Cross Country Vacation - Chicago (69)Adeles Cross Country Vacation - Chicago (76)Adeles Cross Country Vacation - Chicago (80)

On Easter Sunday, Grammie flew from Chicago to Boston for the rest of the trip.
Adeles Cross Country Vacation - Haverhill (2)Adeles Cross Country Vacation - Haverhill (4)

Adeles Cross Country Vacation - Haverhill (5)

Adeles Cross Country Vacation - Haverhill (6)Adeles Cross Country Vacation - Haverhill (11)Adeles Cross Country Vacation - Haverhill (12)Adeles Cross Country Vacation - Haverhill (25)

This cracked me up! haha Adele’s hand-me-down become doll clothes!
Adeles Cross Country Vacation - Haverhill (30)

Adeles Cross Country Vacation - Haverhill (33)Adeles Cross Country Vacation - Haverhill (39)

Adele’s cousin, Gizmo! haha
Adeles Cross Country Vacation - Haverhill (51)

Gardening with Grammie!
Adeles Cross Country Vacation - Haverhill (54)Adeles Cross Country Vacation - Haverhill (55)Adeles Cross Country Vacation - Haverhill (56)Adeles Cross Country Vacation - Haverhill (67)

Adeles Cross Country Vacation - Haverhill (75)Adeles Cross Country Vacation - Haverhill (80)Adeles Cross Country Vacation - Haverhill (82)Adeles Cross Country Vacation - Haverhill (87)

Does your Grandma rollerblade? Adele’s does!
Adeles Cross Country Vacation - Haverhill (89)Adeles Cross Country Vacation - Haverhill (92)Adeles Cross Country Vacation - Haverhill (94)Adeles Cross Country Vacation - Haverhill (98)Adeles Cross Country Vacation - Haverhill (105)Adeles Cross Country Vacation - Haverhill (110)

Sweeping up the driveway!
Adeles Cross Country Vacation - Haverhill (115)

And a little surprise visit to Chuck E Cheese! Where Grandparents can be kids too!Adeles Cross Country Vacation - Haverhill (118)

Adeles Cross Country Vacation - Haverhill (119)

Adeles Cross Country Vacation - Haverhill (99)

We are beyond grateful for everyone who helped us out taking care of Adele so we could getaway on our trip. We know we absolutely couldn’t have done it without the support of family and we love you all! xo


So how did Adele get back home? Well after flying from Hong Kong –> Vancouver –> Los Angeles, I had one day to rest up at home and then the very next day, I got on a plane and flew to Boston. {Worst flight ever, by the way. Let’s just say I got sick a few times and swore I would never fly again.} When I landed, I was in tears because in 2 hours, I would be boarding another flight back to LA with Adele. I didn’t think I could do it. My mom and Mikaela bought me some medicine, gave me a pep talk and basically forced me to board the plane. HAHA I guess even when you’re 30 you still need your mom! Adele was very excited to see me though, her reaction was so super cute. I have it on video and I watch it over and over again. Love her!

Thank goodness, our flight home was easy, fast and sickness-free. We even scored an entire row to ourselves and Adele slept for most of it. Whew!

Jetlag was really tough for all of us. For about two weeks we weren’t sleeping. Even Adele was waking up at odd hours. But now we’re back on track again.  All worth it for the incredible vacation Irving and I shared, and the pretty awesome one Adele got to experience as well.


The Multitasker May 26, 2014

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Doing jumping jacks, counting to 10 and watching “The Little Mermaid”. Girl has talent!


Adele at 23.5 Months May 25, 2014

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I missed the 23 month post… and I’m in denial that 24 months means TWO YEARS OLD… so I’m compromising by giving you her 23.5 month update. In a nutshell, she is constantly amazing us with her language, comprehension, preferences and personality. She continues to be a pretty easy-going kid and we are very excited for what the future will bring for her.
She talks and talks and talks. We can understand about 75% of what she is saying. And if we don’t, she’ll repeat it over and over until we do. It’s so cute. Most of what she talks about is the “Snowman” and “Princess” in Frozen. She saw the movie twice and is now obsessed with it. She wants to look at snowmen, color snowman and sing about snowman. She’s been known to ask complete strangers if they “Want to build a snowman?” with her. HAHA I can’t believe the Disney bug starts so young.

She’s also into The Little Mermaid and will sit through the whole movie on the couch now. We obviously don’t let her do this often, but on the weekends when we need to cook dinner or get something done, Disney the Babysitter comes to the rescue…{Add this to the list of things I never thought I’d do. “I’ll never be that mom.” Famous last words!} At least she’s an engaged viewer though… she narrates everything that’s happening “Oh no! The snowman fell down!” “There goes the Princess!” “The man is sleeping!” “Oh, there’s a bird there! Hi Bird!”


But she does still have other interests including puzzles, books, dollies, stuffed animals, tea parties, playing ‘doctor’, and LEGOS! She LOVES legos! It’s been fun to see her imagination start to grow. She loves putting real diapers on her dollies and teddy bears (sorry, Teddy).




Her hair has finally grown long enough for little baby french braids! How cute is this!IMG_3114

But we did take her for her first haircut last weekend! They actually called it a ‘dusting’ since they just evened it out a bit. But now she looks like she’s twelve. ha!
I prefer the pigtails to the bangs. I always wonder what she’ll look like when she’s older.


In other big news this month, she started Preschool last week! She’s just going a few hours at a time now and she’ll start full-time the day after her birthday. It was bittersweet on her last day of daycare because it’s really her second family there! She will definitely miss all of her friends. But we’re excited for her to experience new things at Preschool!IMG_3129


Weight = 24 Pounds
Diapers = Size 4
Shirts = 24 Months / 2T
Pants = 18 Months

Still going strong with the 7:30p-7:30a routine…. but the past few weeks she’s slept til 8a or 8:30a! (One day even 9a!) Still blessed with a wonderful sleeper. She did have a couple of days where she got up early, but I think that was more due to a little separation anxiety after we were gone for two weeks. Who can blame her. But things have gotten back to normal since then.

Sometimes she skips naps, sometimes she sleeps for 1-2 hours. It all depends how busy she is in the morning, really.

Still sleeps with blankie and puppy! This picture was taken on her last day of daycare!


We are loving the ‘smile for the camera’ action we get now. Adorable.IMG_3173

Oh, and look what she made me for Mother’s Day! Aweeeeeee! She’s the best!IMG_3179


Twenty-One Months Already! March 8, 2014

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It’s crazy to me that Adele is now 21 months old. She’s the best thing that ever happened to us and every day gets more and more fun. It’s been a blast seeing her grow into a ‘real person’ this month. Huge leaps in speech and learning. We can’t get enough of her lately.

A few changes this month:

-She shows her teeth when she smiles now. It totally changes how she looks and we think it’s the cutest thing ever.

-Her hair is growing like crazy! She hates bows and clips, but she’s been rocking the ponytails and pigtails (even side ponies!)
-She’s stringing lots of words together into sentences now. We went from “Mommy, Go” to “Mommy, milk, go” to “Mommy, more milk please, go!”
-She’s become a cuddler. She hugs and snuggles a lot now. Especially right before bed and right when she wakes up. She nuzzles into our shoulders. It started when she had a cold this month, and it looks like it’s a habit that’s sticking (yessss!!)

-She’s becoming braver. She’s still a pretty cautious kid, but I see her confidence building in what she can do.

-She’s become ‘Little Miss Independent’. Can’t keep her in her stroller anymore. Those feet are made for walking and she doesn’t want to be pushed around anymore. She can walk 2-3 blocks by herself, which I think is pretty impressive for a tiny person!


-Weight/Height = Unknown
-Diapers = 3’s (heading into 4’s very very soon)
-Shoes = Size 4
-Clothes = Um… she still fits into 12 month pants and t-shirts. Onsies are 18 months. Haven’t brought out the 24 month/2T clothes yet!!

She’s still going to bed at 7:30p most nights, but this month, she started waking up between 5:30-6a-ish!! I know we have been blessed with a consistent 8a wakeup for well over a year…. but I’m not used to waking up this early! And I don’t like it! I know we can’t complain, we just have to start going to bed earlier ourselves! We do love those early morning bed snuggles though.

Did I mention last month we ditched the pacifier (man, these months go by fast!) It’s still gone, we haven’t looked back. She’s still madly in love with Mr. Puppy though. I have three of the same one that I rotate so I always have one handy. But we lost one this month! I think she dropped it out of her stroller on an evening walk(?). Anyways, I went out today and bought a new one, so we’re back up to having three. Necessary.
She likes to chew on his tail. lol

Adele is doing a bit better in the food department, but it’s still frustrating to make sure she’s getting enough each day. She doesn’t eat much. We consider a few bites at each meal a victory. She’s still very picky about textures (declining anything with a skin, fiber or requires chewing). Seriously, why does she hate chewing things? It’s getting slightttttly better, but still really annoying. I chase her around the house picking up spit out pieces of food every day. WHY?!

Favorite foods at the moment: Cereal, cookies, strawberries, blackberries, bananas, goldfish, turkey meatballs, canned mandarin oranges, raisins, dried cranberries, yogurt, pouches of applesauce.

Yep, there’s lots and lots of words! Her memory is pretty impressive. She’s a little parrot and will repeat everything we say now! But she remembers most of it. Some of her new words:
-Elephant (ell-phant)
-Octopus (ock-puss)
-Outside (out-shide)
-Cereal (see-real)
-Oh Well
-Please (mees)
-Circle (shirt-cul)
-Yellow (lellow)
-Green (geen)
-Truck (tuck)
-and so many more I’m blanking on at the moment!

Her favorite toys are still books. But I think our computers/cell phones/kindle/tablets are creeping up to that spot now too. We try to limit the ‘screen time’ because it’s crazy how addicted to it she can get. She knows which games/videos we have loaded on each device, it’s nuts!

She also loves puzzles now, she can do all of our wooden puzzles in record speed. Her spacial judgment is getting better now. She understands shapes/sizes for the first time. She also loves her dollies and stuffed animals. And her play kitchen!

Oh and music! She LOVES music. Girl has rhythm in those hips! I have to make a music video of her dance skills soon!

Daddy built a fort for her last week that she loved. She also loves playing hide and seek behind curtains and under the covers in bed.

And now, I’ll leave you with a photo bomb of some of my favorite pictures of the week:

She calls her hooded towel a ‘hat’ and insists on wearing it sometimes. HAHA

Loves watching the trucks and puppies go by the window.



Watching ‘Elmo’. She also loves ‘Thomas the Tank Engine’. And she thinks she likes ‘Curious George’, she gets excited to see a monkey, but the show doesn’t keep her interest and then she’s back to asking for Elmo.

I love this picture because she still looks like a baby. I am constantly staring at her trying to remember what she looked like 6 months ago, a year ago, as a newborn. It’s getting harder and harder.



Watching the ants crawl around. LOL

To get this shot, I told her to go tickle the leaves. BAHAHA

Dancing in the street like nobody’s watching…


All of you veteran moms were right, this just keeps getting better!


Pretty at the Tea Party February 19, 2014

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Saturday morning, Adele and I had a date for a ‘Mommy and Me Tea Party’! It was an event that was hosted by Club Momme. Their events have always looked really fun but because they are a bit pricey by playdate standards (this one came to $27.50), I was holding out til the right one popped up. This one sounded fun though, it included tea time with your toddler, a photo session, goodie bag, and use of the indoor playspace at Pamper & Play. I finally convinced myself it was worth it and bought a ticket a week in advance.  I had been looking forward to it all week long. You’ll see below that it didn’t quite live up to my expectations, but we had a good time nonetheless.

It was all the way over the hill, near Beverly Hills (my first clue that maybe this event wasn’t for me). I found street parking and then saw that Adele was fast asleep in her carseat! She hasn’t taken a morning nap in MONTHS! I unbuckled her and she continued to sleep on my shoulder during the two-block walk to the venue. And then slept on me for another half hour or so until I eventually had to wake her up! This was the first time EVER she’s slept on my lap without being in the ergo carrier! Even as an infant, she never did unless she was swaddled. This was a special moment for me! I cherished it with all my heart! I thought to myself the whole day was already worth it just for this!


Once Adele was up, it was our turn for the photo session. I think they got some great shots, but then later found out that the session was free… but the actual photos were not. The 4×6 prints START at $115. Um, no.

I was sitting next to a mom who was hastily brushing her daughter’s hair and I overheard her telling her, “You know, you just don’t look pretty enough to take pictures today”. The daughter didn’t seem bothered by it, but it really made me mad. I immediately squeezed Adele a little tighter and whispered into her ear, “You’re the most pretty little girl in the whole world, I love you”. I know there’s all kinds of discussion out there about how instead of telling our girls they are ‘pretty’ or ‘beautiful’, we should use words like ‘brave’, ‘smart’ and ‘strong’. But I would never not tell my girl she is ‘pretty’! Come on, moms! Let’s give these girls the confidence, self-esteem and self-worth they need to be successful in this world!
</end rant>

The ‘Tea Party’ was sort of a joke. They had one kind of hot tea and one kind of iced tea… served in little sample cups (i.e. a few sips and you’re done). They did have some really nice, but fragile tea cups that I would never in a million years trust Adele with. And for sandwiches, they only had two kinds (a turkey/cheese one and a strawberry/peanut butter one). No snacks, no kid options, nothing else! Not even chips or cookies! What kind of tea party is this? But they did have some pouches and snack bars in the goodie bag, so Adele enjoyed that.

We spent the rest of our time there playing with some blocks and toys. I think she had a good time. And then I won the first raffle prize which redeemed part of the day for me. I was really glad I went though. It was quiet the experience for the people watching alone.

Oh, one more story..right before I left, another mom stopped me to tell me she LOVED Adele’s dress and then asked me who designed it. BAHAHAHA I almost burst out laughing and then I realized she was serious. Turns out it actually was designer… but it was a hand-me-down from a very generous friend (I had no idea!). Guess I shouldn’t have let Adele get strawberries and peanut butter on it from lunch, huh? But she did look really cute (ahem– PRETTY) in it, don’t you think?

The moms over in that part of LA ain’t got nothing on my Valley Moms though. I’m so thankful for my amazing village of amazing mothers we’ve met over the past two years. Cheers to you, moms. Thank you for raising strong, confident children that I am honored Adele gets to be friends with. You know who you are. xo


A Weekend of Love February 18, 2014

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We had such a great Valentine’s Weekend! And it was a long weekend too, due to the holiday on Monday! Now that’s love.  Adele had a potluck at her school, so I made mini tea sandwiches (inspired by my Downton Abbey party!). These were berry cream cheese on white bread!

The cream cheese was pink which made a pretty little party sandwich! Not sure if the kids liked them at school, but Adele LOVED them!


She gave her friends little puppy and kitty valentines, along with a bag of teddy grahams. The tags said “BEAR HUGS TO XXXXX, LOVE, ADELE”. I saw it on Pinterest and I was so excited! Adele called them ‘cookie bears’. ha.

I got out of work early on Friday, which gave us a head start to the weekend of loooooove! We met up with some friends at Pint Size Kids for an afternoon of pretend play!



Doing a little produce shopping…




Putting them in her cart…




And taking money out of the ATM to pay for it all… My, she’s like a grownup!IMG_4338




Then she did a load of laundry…






And even ironed it too!

Then she filled up her SUV with gas.

We also practiced pushing our dollies…


And taking excellent care of them.


If you haven’t been to this place yet, you should check it out. It has everything toddlers could imagine. Including books and train sets too! Adele LOVED the choo choos!


And they have GIANT teddy bears. The things toddler dreams are made of.


It was so much fun. We’ll be back soon for sure!

Once the three of us got back home, we had a Valentine’s day picnic lunch on the living room floor. Complete with cheese, crackers, olives, salad and raisins! We laughed so hard because it was sort of a disaster. Adele was stepping on everything and making quite the mess. But it was fun and I’m hoping this was a beginning of fun Valentine’s Day tradition! Only next year, I hope there is less sock lint on my plate and smooched crackers on the rug. =)

Our Valentine’s Weekend of Love didn’t end there! Stay tuned for Part 2!






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