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A Day in the Valley July 7, 2012

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One day while my parents were here, we headed up to the Reagan Presidential Library up in Simi Valley, California. I think this is a must-see for visitors to LA. Regardless of your political party, it’s an excellent museum full of all kinds of American history. I LOVE going up there. The last time I was there was Valentine’s Day last year! And this time, we’re visiting with our baby!
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I wonder if Adele was one of the youngest visitors (she was three weeks old!)
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I think my parents really enjoyed it too. They remember a lot of the events that happened during his presidency, so it’s exciting to see the exhibits.
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The highlight for sure is the actual Air Force One plane that had been used for SEVEN presidents! Nixon all the way through Bush!
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Adele loved the big plane too. See?
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My parents really loved it. It was an excellent way to spend the morning.
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After we were done, we headed over to the town of FIllmore on a whim. They have a historic train village that my dad wanted to check out.
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Apparently the whole town shuts down on Mondays, so we couldn’t see too much, but it was nice to get a walk in anyways.
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After we got our fill of trains, we headed back for a relaxing afternoon at home. I love doing fun out-of-the-way touristy things when people come to visit. There is so much more to LA than Hollywood and the Beaches.
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One of the many reasons why I love Southern California! Adele is so lucky she will grow up here! I can’t wait to explore more with her as she grows!


5 Responses to “A Day in the Valley”

  1. booradlee Says:

    You were in my hood! Very fun. I haven’t been to the library in years even though I know live across the street!

  2. Angie Says:

    I hear the trains in Fillmore are great at Christmas too. I’m having flashbacks of my field trip with my class we took about 6 weeks ago at the Reagan Library!

    • Kelocity Says:

      The Reagan Library is so fun! I’ve done the Christmas Tree train in Fillmore, it was really fun! You take the train to cut down a tree and then take the train back. Can’t wait to do that again with kids!

      Any other LA area ideas for things to do? We are always looking for new things!

  3. LifeAbsorbed Says:

    I’ve been meaning to visit this place! Your pictures make it look like so much fun, I’ll have to bump it up higher on the priority list.

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