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Birthday August 15, 2012

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Today was my birthday! I had an awesome day with Irving and Adele. We spent the morning in the park enjoying the sunshine and fresh air with four other mama friends (pictures of that will be posted soon!) I didn’t want to do anything big this year since Adele is the best gift I could ever have anyways. 

I can’t imagine ringing in the last year of my twenties without this little girl. In honor of my birthday, she requested to wear a party dress and a hair bow. Girl knows how to party!


After giving birth to Adele two months ago, birthdays have taken on a whole new meaning. So with that in mind, I dedicate my birthday this year to my mom. Thanks mom, for giving birth to me! Thanks for carrying me safely inside for 9 months and bringing me into this world with so much joy and love. Thanks for feeding, holding, burping, changing, rocking, bathing, walking and loving me. Thanks for comforting me when I was little (Fun Fact: I used to sneak into my parents room at night and curl up at the end of their bed.) And Thanks for celebrating with me when I accomplished things. Thanks for being my mom. Happy BIRTH day to you!

Yep, that’s me and my crazy baby hair.


3 Responses to “Birthday”

  1. booradlee Says:

    Happy birthday Kelley!

  2. Sarah Says:

    Happy Belated! Hope your first birthday as a mom was the best one yet 🙂

  3. Papa Says:

    It is hard to believe that I have a grandaughter who is 30 years old today !

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