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New Friends! August 20, 2012

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When I moved to LA eight years ago, it was so hard to make new friends. I found many great friendships through running, but everyone told me that once I had kids it would be easier to connect with more people. They were SO right! Through my baby classes, weekly yoga and mommy & me classes, I’ve met some amazing women. And Adele is making friends as well!

On Wednesday, we met up with four other mamas and babies in the park! It was so fun to get some fresh air and hold and feed our babies outside. We had fun chatting and watching each other’s babies smile, coo and look around.

I hope that all these little ladies stay friends as they grow up!

Hope to do it again soon!


4 Responses to “New Friends!”

  1. Danielle Says:

    That’s so cool you found a mommy group. It’s so hard to make friends as you get older, especially couple friends that you both like.

  2. booradlee Says:

    I’m so looking forward to that when Andy and I start to have kids!

  3. The Fab 5!!! Love it. They’re all little dolls! So beautiful! Yay for making new friends!!! 🙂

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