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Friends with Kids September 15, 2012

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One of my favorite parts of being a mom is having so many great friends who also have kids! I hope they all grow up together and become friends like us someday!

My friend Shelby has been such an amazing source of advice, encouragement and humor. She has two adorable kids of her own and I’m so thankful to rely on her experience to help me out! Her son, Sullivan, is only three months older than Adele. So cute!


These two are going to be fun together as they grow. I love it!IMG_6348

I love getting ‘a preview’ of what Adele will be like in three more months. It’s going to get fun!


Our friend Alison joined us for the morning too! Hi Alison!

One day, we organized a giant get-together in the park with all the kids. Best Idea Ever!

Lots of swings and slides for the older kids and plenty of shade for the little ones.

Among all my friends, we had TWELVE kids in the park! So much fun to chat, compare notes and watch them all play together.

Hi Erika and Sophie!! I missed those two!

Sarah and Brady came as well! And Brady’s cousins too! I love this cute moment between these two. HOW CUTE!

I was so tied up in all the cuteness all around that I didn’t realize Irving took Adele on her first tire swing ride!!! She loved it!


With twelve active kids running around, it was impossible to get everyone into a big group photo, but here’s most of us!

I am SO LUCKY to have such a great group of girls in my life. Makes me seriously miss the east coast.


Big difference from our day in the park a year ago! Hope to do this every summer!



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