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The Great Outdoors October 10, 2012

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On Monday, I met up with some friends to explore a new-to-me park in the area. We’re always looking for off-the-beaten path kind of places that take you away from LA for a while. Most of the parks near us are situated right next to freeways or busy streets. But this park was hidden in the mountains and quiet as could be. And it was only a ten-minute drive away! Count me in!



It’s always nice to get Adele into some fresh air for a while. She was getting antsy in the stroller, so I strapped her into the carrier and off we went for a 1.5 hour walk in the woods. She LOVED it! She was so content.

I thought it was neat that the park was built in 1940 under the New Deal act. There’s a reservoir with a nice paved road going all the way around. Cars are allowed to drive on it, but it was relatively quiet while we were there.

We commented how nice it was to see pine trees. Almost felt like the east coast (except for the giant cactus standing right in front of them HAHA). Oh California, I love you.

Adele was probably thinking “what is all this green stuff?” Poor kid. ha!

We got halfway around the lake and I realized she was fast asleep! Trees+Breeze=Sleepy Baby!

The Boy Scouts maintain another smaller lake nearby that is a turtle and duck reserve. Look at them all lined up on the tree! Adele is going to LOVE this park when she’s a little older!

Such a great afternoon. I get so excited to share this stuff with Adele! We’ll have to do it again soon!