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Halloween! October 31, 2012

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Happy Halloween!We went to THREE Halloween-related events today.

Our day started with a gathering of babies in a local park. Each one dressed up for the occasion (so cute!) Followed by a Halloween Party at my work. And we ended it all with a FOUR HOUR trick-or-treat extravaganza.

I now have a stroller sitting in my kitchen, Halloween costumes on the floor, no clean bottles for tomorrow and a baby who is now fighting sleep at 11pm (though she did nap through our entire trick-or-treat walk). We are completely exhausted, but it was all worth it. So so worth it.

Pictures and stories to come. But for now, I think she’s asleep, so that means I am too! Night!


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  1. Awesome little three-eyed hat! Adele is still very much adorable even if she’s an alien.

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