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Halloween in the Park November 2, 2012

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Halloween was awesome. Dressing up Adele was just as much fun as I thought it would be. She looked so cute! Although Irving still insisted that Aliens don’t have fur, so she wore her costume inside out all day. We can agree to disagree there. =)


Our Halloween started out in the park where we met up with a bunch of other babies in costume (all under four months old!) On my maternity leave, I got a few girls together each week to let our babies lounge under the trees in the park. Now the group has grown to almost 30! I miss it!

Our awesome mama friend Melissa took each baby’s picture and then made a photoshop quilt out of it. How cool! Thank you, Melissa! These babies are too cute!

Ok, Adele was an Alien — more accurately, a Martian. So what were mommy and daddy?

Daddy dressed up as the NASA JPL scientist with the mohawk! I have to find a  better picture, he even ironed on some logos to his shirt, it was awesome!

haha remember that guy?

Photo courtesy of Beth!

And what did I go as?

Mikayla is not impressed!

Maybe the pose will help:

I even bought an authentic US Olympics patch and sewed that and the American flag onto my jacket to match.

HAHA annnyways, to top it all off, we made our stroller into the Mars Rover! It was fun. Irving did a great job. The sides even had Nasa logos on the side.

Some kid said it looked like Wall-E, which is even funnier because Wall-E was designed to look like the Mars Rover. Ha! Even if Mikayla was not impressed, I think Adele was!

She had so much fun hanging out with her friends. Hi Emery!

Hi Elliott!

We had such a great time hanging out with everyone. We had a huge potluck table too with all kinds of goodies. I made my mom’s buffalo chicken dip! The weather was perfect, the company was great and the babies really enjoyed themselves. All of them were so happy and cute in their costumes. I’m so lucky that Adele made us such nice friends!

Stay tuned for Halloween Part II: Trick or Treating!