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Trick Or Treat! November 2, 2012

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This is technically Adele’s second time trick-or-treating since she was in my belly last year! But she was more fun this year for sure.

My little martian!

We walked around our neighborhood with our friends Erica and Beth for FOUR hours.

The decorations were incredible. The little kids were adorable and the fresh air was welcomed. We didn’t actually get any candy, but it was still a blast.

What, doesn’t your neighborhood have houses with giant life-sized pirate ships and  huge HD projectors showing youtube videos while the kids trick or treat?

We even saw an oversized golfcart full of people that was doing flash mob dances all around the neighborhood. The best was when they did Gayam Style. They were jamming! So funny!

I think Adele had a little TOO much fun! HAHA at one point, she woke up and there were strobe lights and fog lights and glow sticks and she probably thought she was still dreaming. ha!

What an epic 1st Halloween!


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  1. Lizzy Says:

    What an awesome Halloween in your ‘hood!!!! Love the martian costume, she looks so cute

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