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A Gratitude Walk December 1, 2012

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I have to say that since I had Adele, I feel more alive, more in-tune and more aware than ever before. Maybe it’s that superhuman mom sense that kicks in when you have kids. Things seem to matter more with Adele. I notice things that I may not have before her. After having a baby, you learn to appreciate more too. For example, I never knew how much I appreciated clean air until I tried to walk a baby though a cloud of cigarette smoke on the side of the road (seriously people?!) <— Serious pet peeve of mine and I am not ashamed to say it. I digress.

But when I read about the idea of a Gratitude Walk on the blog “Emphasis Added“, I realized that there was even more out there I was missing. On those walks when I have a sleeping baby strapped to my chest, there are no sounds but the breeze, the birds and her shallow little baby breaths that tickle my skin. Sometimes I talk on the phone when I walk, and sometimes, I enjoy the peace that exists between me and my daughter.

Over thanksgiving weekend, we had the opportunity to walk a trail with our Aunt and Uncle (Jake & Janie) and amid great conversation, I took my camera out and snapped things along the way that I might not have otherwise noticed. I think I found a new hobby. It was fun, it was calming and it made me feel grateful. So much beauty in the world if you know where to find it. I think there will be more gratitude walks in my future!


More photos from our walk!





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  1. Papa Says:

    You think like Papa ! I miss seeing Irving’s family — say Hello.

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