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LA Galaxy Wins the Cup! December 5, 2012

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Once we found out that the LA Galaxy made it to the championship game… we immediately bought tickets! We were lucky enough to go last year when they made it to the cup too! Back then, Adele was still baking in my tummy so it was extra special to bring her with us this year! As you can see, she was VERY excited that her favorite team made it to the finals!


We got seats on the Grass Berm this time (something we’ve never done before) and it turned out to be AWESOME! It was like a giant picnic party! It was perfect for a baby who likes to crawl around and play. And super convenient to change her too!  It was raining when we got there and I was having flashbacks of last year’s game when we sat outside in a torrential downpour for FOUR HOURS soaking wet…. But luckily it stopped right before kickoff! Adele took a nap on daddy

IMG_7704Yes, there is a baby in there!



But soon enough, the sun came out and we were shedding layers! It was the PERFECT afternoon to sit in the sunshine while we watched.


I was even able to nurse her discreetly on our little blanket! (Check out those Galaxy piggies!)


Daddy even got a chance to feed her too. I think he was in his glory: family, sunshine and soccer. IMG_7697
Is she not a total daddy’s girl or what? HAHA I love this picture!




In the end, we won 3-0! That meant a wild crowd and fireworks! Note to self: Babies do NOT like fireworks! Poor little girl!



Lots of celebrating! It was David Beckham’s last game and could be Landon Donovan’s last game as well! It was a great season for those guys.

We saw Beckham taking tons of pictures of his kids! I found one of them online! We were there!

Perhaps Adele is the team’s good luck charm since she was technically here last year too!

On the way out, we caught up with our friend Luca too! We’ve been friends since 5th grade!
Photo of the day for SURE! How great is this picture? I have to frame this one. My two favorites. 



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  1. Mama Gaga Says:

    Awww, what a special day. Adele seriously looks like she’s having so much fun (as do you and Irving, too)! Time to sign the little lady up for lessons soon. Looks like the passion for soccer is in her blood!

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