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Reflection December 17, 2012

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All weekend, I tried to stay away from the news. The tragedy at Sandy Hook is too much for me to comprehend. I’m shaken to my core imagining what a nightmare those parents and families are going through this week. I don’t know what to say. My heart goes out to all those people mourning the loss of those innocent and beautiful children.

All weekend I have been snuggling Adele extra close and giving her as much attention and love as possible. We danced to Christmas music, we napped together in bed, we sang silly songs and we giggled together on the floor.


Typically, I put Adele down to sleep and she whines a bit before falls asleep. Usually, I let her fuss for 10 minutes or so before I go back in and soothe her. But tonight, instead of waiting, I swooped in right away and I held her for a long time. I rocked and nursed her until her eyes closed. I watched her soft eyelashes settle into slumber. I heard her breaths become steady and rhythmic. I watched her chest rise and fall as sweet dreams filled her head. I felt the weight of her little body in my arms. I kissed her velvety hair and I inhaled her baby smell. My fingertips stroked her soft cheeks and admired her perfect features.

Tears filled my eyes as I thought about those Sandy Hook children. In the other room, the TV was on NBC I heard the song Hallelujah was playing in the background. A beautiful song. Each contestant held a sign for one of the victims. I thought it was beautiful.

Click Here to see that video:

My mind kept going to one child in particular tonight: Catherine V. Hubbard. That cute little girl shares the same birthday as Adele. June 8th. She only had six birthdays. Six. We will always remember her.


2 Responses to “Reflection”

  1. This is beautiful Kel, brought tears to my eyes. It is so sad about what happened and for me working in a school I wanted to hug the kids & I let them know we’re there to keep them all safe.. We all have to stay strong from the family and friends down in Newtown. They are gone but not forgotten!!! They will be in my prayers! RIP Little Angels! ❤

  2. Alex Says:

    Such a beautiful message Kelley.

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