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Baby Does Yoga! December 20, 2012

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This week, I took Adele to a Mommy & Me yoga class. (Actually, it was my old prenatal class, but they don’t mind if you bring your babies!) The class was at 7pm and I wasn’t sure how she’d do sine it was smack dab in the middle of her bedtime. She slept through the first few minutes of class, and then woke up. I laid out a big blanket and scattered some toys around and continued with the class.

She LOVED it! She was fascinated by everyone in the class and watched us go through the flows. And then all of a sudden, she started to imitate us! When we did downdog, she pushed up on all fours! When we laid flat on the ground to stretch, she rolled over and did the same! When we meditated, she thought it was a great opportunity to practice her squealing. I whispered: “Shhh, baby has to be quiet…” to which she responded with more (louder) squeals and laughter.

At the end of the class, the mama-to-be’s all laid down and put their hands on their growing bellies to send positive messages to their babies. I did the same, only I placed Adele on my tummy and played with her during that part of the meditation. She looked into my eyes, grabbed my cheeks, put her fingers in my mouth and stuck her tongue out at me. I smiled back, stroked her hair and kissed her back. Those moments were some of my favorite as a mother. I felt such appreciation for Adele. I can’t believe she was in my belly a year ago when I started doing Yoga.

I think we both had a great time and we both slept really well that night too. My muscles, mind and heart felt strong that night. Namaste.

And because a post isn’t complete without some kind of photo or video… here’s a recent one of Adele practicing her cat/cow poses. =)


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  1. Laurie Says:

    She’s gonna be crawling so soon!!!

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