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Monday Musings January 14, 2013

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-Sippy Cup has been ordered!!! Based on recommendations from friends, we decided to try this Nuk one. And I was super excited that it came in Teal/Lime Green! More fun than Pink.


-Adele sat on my glasses and I had to go to the eye doctor last week to fix them. “How does that even happen”, you ask? I took them off to protect them because Adele likes to claw them off my face. Yep.


-One day last week, I felt like I was totally overwhelmed with life. The bottles weren’t clean, my lunch wasn’t packed, I was forgetting little details left and right. So I went to bed at 8:30p and slept for 11 hours. It. Was. Glorious. I need to remember to reset myself more often. I think I’ll be a better wife and mom because of it.


Me (on the phone with Irving): Um, I just spent $300
Irving: On what? A Plane Ticket?
   HAHA He knows me too well. But no, not a plane ticket. On some mommy-and-me classes with Adele! So Excited!


-It was 37* here this weekend. In Los Angeles. Um, I didn’t sign up for this.