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Random Friday Musings… January 31, 2014

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1.) My Gmail/Google account was at 98% capacity last week… I started deleting emails, attachments and duplicate photos like crazy until I somehow got down to 54%! It was sorta exhilarating to clear out over six gigs of unnecessary digital junk! (Side note: I was deleting things so fast that Google suspended my account for an hour thinking it was fraudulent activity. ha!)

2.) On a similar note, Irving and I are on a mission to unsubscribe to some of the enewsletters we get in our inbox each morning. Two of them were Babies R Us and The Bump. I can’t believe there is really nothing we need at Babies R Us anymore?!

3.) I forgot to tell you about my Downton Abbey viewing party I had a few weeks ago for the Season Premiere! It was fun! A bunch of us girls got together, dined on mini tea sandwiches and mourned the loss of Matthew (whyyy, Matthew???) It was a blast! (By the way, how awesome is this season?!)

4.) I’m so excited it’s almost Olympic time again!!!! I LOOOOOVE the Olympics! Have you read about #TeamPaul? You should. It’s awesome. His story reminds me of what I think the Olympics should be about. No big corporate sponsorships, no endorsement deals. Just watching the human body and spirit try to accomplish great things. Good for him!



Five Random Things December 9, 2013

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  1. It’s COLD here! I know, I know. Everyone’s making fun of us in LA. But seriously, one day last week it was 37* when I left for work! That’s cold no matter where you live!
  2. I bought my first menorah last week! Irving’s Jewish so I want Adele to grow up with both traditions! I have no idea what I’m doing, but next year, we’ll be lighting some candles! And since it is my first, I got the bedazzled one with Swarovski crystals, because… why not? It was on clearance since it was the day after Hanukkah… plus with my coupon it was a steal of deal. Let the multi-faith celebrations begin! (next year…)
  3. I’ve been listening to this over and over again. It’s incredible!
  4. Tonight, we’re having a funeral for almost our our rubber duckies in the tub. This happened. Gross!
  5. I had been having some sciatic pain over the past year, and things just didn’t feel right. I had an xray to see what’s up. I thought it was a herniated disc (and I actually still do), but it’s being caused by an extreme curve that is pinching all my nerves there!

The left image is my lower spine. And the right image is what it’s supposed to look like. Yikes! Luckily physical therapy has been going well. I’m optimistic.

Lumbar Xray - Lateral L Spine NORMAL LUMBAR SPINE - LATERAL

Tell me five random things in your life right now!


The Fleet December 2, 2013

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How many strollers does one baby need?


10 Random Pictures May 28, 2013

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10 Random Things from the Week

1.) Sleeping Stroller Baby

2.) Awake Stroller Baby…. Get out of the way or Adele will honk at you. Seriously.

3.) Ride On Toys

4.) Giant Sandbox (and a kid who hates the sand).

5.) Coffee Bean’s Birthday Cake Blended Drink (Eh, as much as I love anything cake, this actually wasn’t that good). This review pretty much sums it up.

6.) More Ride On Toys (Pushed behind by an almost-walking and very excited baby).

7.) Tinkering with Lawn Mowers like Grandpa.


8.) Even more ride on toys (this time actually riding it).

9.) Early morning laundry time (Still in our pajamas)

10.) Opening every door and cabinet in my entire house. Over and Over.

What random things did you do lately?


What’s up, Thursday? April 18, 2013

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A few random Thursday Musings for you…

–This week, a Costco-sized jug of laundry detergent fell off the top of the washing machine and cracked. Yep. Did I mention it was brand new and full?! We ended up salvaging what we could into water bottles and tupperware. Awesome.

–I accidentally scraped our new van against a fence tonight. whoops. I called Irving and proclaimed “Our Van has been Christened”. Sigh.

–After the great van-scraping disaster, I put Adele in the stroller and took off on foot for a walk with friends. Still had my work dress and some faux pearls on, but I shoved half a string-cheese in Adele’s hand (and called it dinner) and hit the pavement. I was determined to redeem myself for the bad day. Sometimes, you have to fight the Universe when it feels like it’s against you and it’s almost always worth it.

–I’ve always said that taking Adele out of her routine occasionally is a good thing. I think it’s one of the reasons she’s so flexible and adaptable. But I’ve had her out twice this week, and I think it might be catching up to her. We’ve got a couple of early nights ahead of us I think!
–I’m embarrassed (not really) by the amount of empty wine bottles in my recycling bin at the moment. I can’t help it. An evening glass has been such a nice indulgence and end to the day!
IMG_20130418_195545_263Oh, hey homemade pizza that I made in 10 minutes flat! 

–Went to an Orthopedic Surgeon this week who diagnosed my back pain. I have a herniated disc that is creating havoc on my Sciatic Nerve. Been doing a lot of crunches, stretching and tennis ball rolling to help it out. Still not running til the pain goes away. I really think it’s connected to the way your pelvis and hips move after childbirth. Thank you, Adele.


As a reward for reading my Thursday Musings, I’ll reward you with another park picture of Adele:



Thursday Thoughts March 21, 2013

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-Today was Adele’s first School Picture Day. I was SO excited and had a blast picking out a cute outfit for her to wear. I sent her off with Daddy with strict instructions for him to tell them to be sure to put her bow in her hair for the photo. There might be some angry Aunties if Adele doesn’t have a hair bow in her first school portrait.

-I was SO excited that I was able to squeeze in a 3-mile hike during my lunch break yesterday. I need to remember to do that more often. It totally made my day to get some vitamin D and fresh air. And BONUS: I got to quickly cross paths with my mom-group who were all there hiking as well! Miss those girls!

-When I left work tonight, I saw the sun was still high in the sky (gotta love daylight savings time) and I raced to pick up Adele at Daycare. Then we scurried home as fast as we could and I changed real quick and tossed her into the jogging stroller and we headed out for a neighborhood stroll.

I think Adele was confused, poor kid never really sees the sun during the week as we shuffle her from the car to school to home every day. But she was pretty stoked when she realized there were swings involved in this excursion! Wheeee!

It was nice to join the brigade of parents in the park who were also doing their best to squeeze the most out of their day with their kids. Some little leaguers practicing on the fields, their younger siblings climbing on the monkey bars on the playground next to it. Some toddlers playing in the sandbox (shoes optional). I especially loved watching a father hoisting his 3-year old son up on his shoulders. While up high, the boy said “Dad, if you fall, I’ll catch you” and the dad laughed and said “Ok, then I better hold on tight!”.

Our excursion to the park meant our playtime at home would be cut short, the bath would be quick and the dinner would be simple, but I love breaking routine once in a while for worth-while things like spontaneous trips to the park.

-Adele has had a HUGE breakthrough with solid foods this week. She went from drinking six 5oz bottles of formula a day to two! Instead of panicking, we talked to the daycare and they agreed to give her school food! So now she eats real meals! With the Big Kids!  I think our puree days are officially over (though I might keep making some here and there for convenience sake once in a while).

Happy Friday!!


Scenes from the Weekend – President’s Day Edition February 18, 2013

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So much to tell you guys about! We had such a great long weekend! I’ve created a (good) habit of not touching the computer much on the weekends, so I haven’t put the posts together yet, but they’re coming!
PS. Does my daughter have a lazy eye?!

Scenes from the Weekend:

-Cleaned our place from top to bottom. Rearranged shelves, got rid of bags in our closet, cleaned out the diaper bag, sorted through too-small clothes (sad) and tidied up a bit.

-Went on several neighborhood walks to enjoy our beautiful weather (mid 60s! My favorite!) Warm enough to enjoy the sun, but cool enough to wear a comfy sweatshirt. Yes Please!

-Grocery Shopping (x2). I also chopped, cooked, sorted and prepped the food for the week ahead. I’m cooking for THREE now! Lots to think about in the kitchen, that’s for sure.

-Made a homemade lasagna.

-On that note, I also pureed Adele’s food for the week (Peas, Sweet Potato and Pears this week!)

-Went to the Library

-Babysat one of Adele’s friends! We’re doing babysitting trading for free date-nights date-days and we’re so so so excited!

-Went to the park x2

-Did a “Mommy (and Daddy) and Me” class (I’ll share that with you this week! It was awesome!). Then the three of us went out to lunch after and I got the best BLTA I’ve ever eaten. Ever.

-Attempted to do our taxes. This didn’t go over so well with an 8-month old attention-hungry baby at our feet.

-Adele got her FIRST TOOTH! Finally!!!!!!!!

-We lowered Adele’s mattress. Now that she’s sitting, crawling and almost pulling herself to standing, it was time.

-Did 6 loads of laundry and 4 loads of dishes. Exhausting.

-Lots of bath time, reading time, skyping with family time and cuddle time.

-Watched a documentary with Irving during Sunday nap time! (Score: Adele slept for TWO HOURS mid-afternoon!)

-Celebrated a birthday with friends at Benihana! Adele loved watching the chefs cook. So fun!

-I made French Toast with Cinnamon Raisin bread. Delicious.

-Gave Adele yogurt for the first time. (She approved).

-Watched the finale of Downton Abbey. (OMG, who watched it? Don’t want to ruin it for anyone who hasn’t watched yet, but seriously, WHY DID THEY DO THAT?!)

-Oh, um, signed up for a Half Marathon. Here we go again! You can never fully cure a race addict. Good thing I have 8 months to train!

-Worked out with my LA Racers team (three miles with Adele!) Let the training begin!

Wow, seeing that list makes me tired. It felt like we got a ton done, but none of it felt like too much. It just flowed nicely. And having the extra day off doesn’t hurt either. We’re getting really good at packing it all in and making the weekends count. A little bit of work and a lot of play. It was a blast. More pictures from the past few days will be coming this week!

Happy Monday!
IMG_9909Wispy baby hair blowing in the wind is my favorite.


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