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Beauty in the Sky January 20, 2013

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One day last week, I picked Adele up a little early from Daycare. Since it was still light out, instead of putting her in the car and driving home, I strapped her into the stroller and we set out on a walk in that neighborhood. She seemed pretty excited to see me so early, and I was so happy to get a few extra minutes of quality time with her.

We set out down the street and we passed a lady standing in her driveway, staring up into the sky. My first thought was “Cross the street, she looks weird!” But before I could steer the stroller away, she stopped me and said “Did you see that?” I glanced up and didn’t see anything. I smiled politely. Then she said “Oh, it was so beautiful. I looked up and saw the moon in the sky, and the tree branches were swaying, and a plane was flying right in between it! I wish I had my camera, it was a stunning image to see”. I glanced up again and saw what she meant. It was a pretty image indeed. The sun was setting, the sky was turning pink, and the trees were silhouetted. 

And I looked down at Adele, who clearly thought it was amazing as well. She was staring at the sky with the biggest smile on her face. It made me so warm inside to know that my 8-month old baby already knows where to find beauty in this world.