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Baby’s First Swim March 16, 2013

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We couldn’t WAIT to take Adele in the pool. Actually, to be more specific, Grammie couldn’t wait to take Adele in the pool.

My mom was a swim teacher for years and years. She started in her teens and continued to teach classes even after I was born. In fact, she taught me, my sisters and most of my childhood friends to swim too.

Suffice it to say, Adele LOVED the water.

I think she thought it was one big giant bathtub. She kicked, she squealed, she laughed. She was sad to get out.


Here’s a video of Adele’s First Swim!

I bought her this new bathing suit the day before I left and I was so glad I did, it’s so cute!

After Adele was done swimming, someone would whisk her away to change her and keep her warm…. and then the rest of us would jump in here for a while.


Adele probably wanted to join us, but sorry, no kids allowed. She was confused.IMG_0612Best. Photo. EVER!