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Thursday Thoughts March 21, 2013

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-Today was Adele’s first School Picture Day. I was SO excited and had a blast picking out a cute outfit for her to wear. I sent her off with Daddy with strict instructions for him to tell them to be sure to put her bow in her hair for the photo. There might be some angry Aunties if Adele doesn’t have a hair bow in her first school portrait.

-I was SO excited that I was able to squeeze in a 3-mile hike during my lunch break yesterday. I need to remember to do that more often. It totally made my day to get some vitamin D and fresh air. And BONUS: I got to quickly cross paths with my mom-group who were all there hiking as well! Miss those girls!

-When I left work tonight, I saw the sun was still high in the sky (gotta love daylight savings time) and I raced to pick up Adele at Daycare. Then we scurried home as fast as we could and I changed real quick and tossed her into the jogging stroller and we headed out for a neighborhood stroll.

I think Adele was confused, poor kid never really sees the sun during the week as we shuffle her from the car to school to home every day. But she was pretty stoked when she realized there were swings involved in this excursion! Wheeee!

It was nice to join the brigade of parents in the park who were also doing their best to squeeze the most out of their day with their kids. Some little leaguers practicing on the fields, their younger siblings climbing on the monkey bars on the playground next to it. Some toddlers playing in the sandbox (shoes optional). I especially loved watching a father hoisting his 3-year old son up on his shoulders. While up high, the boy said “Dad, if you fall, I’ll catch you” and the dad laughed and said “Ok, then I better hold on tight!”.

Our excursion to the park meant our playtime at home would be cut short, the bath would be quick and the dinner would be simple, but I love breaking routine once in a while for worth-while things like spontaneous trips to the park.

-Adele has had a HUGE breakthrough with solid foods this week. She went from drinking six 5oz bottles of formula a day to two! Instead of panicking, we talked to the daycare and they agreed to give her school food! So now she eats real meals! With the Big Kids!  I think our puree days are officially over (though I might keep making some here and there for convenience sake once in a while).

Happy Friday!!