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Three Travel Tips March 28, 2013

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What’s it like to fly solo with a 9-month old baby?
1 Checked Suitcase
1 Checked Carseat
1 Checked Stroller
1 Diaper Bag (Backpack)
1 Purse/Camera Bag
1 Baby Carrier for Hands Free travel

Piece of cake really. Somehow I managed to check in at the counter, board and ride the plane, disembark, get baggage off the carousel, take a shuttle to a rental car place, pick up a rental car, check into a hotel, check out of a hotel and drive two hours across the state of florida (and then do it all in reverse) — all by myself*. And it was surprisingly easy! Being organized is key.
You’ve seen a ton of “how to travel with baby” posts before so I won’t bore you, but here’s a few little tips I picked up along the way.

1.) When you get to a hotel, ask for a pack n’ play. Some hotels charge for these, but I asked nicely and the receptionist gave it to me for free (there was normally a $20 charge at this hotel). I also travel with my own sheets (one pack n play and one regular crib sheet if you don’t know the size ahead of time). This saved me the hassle of traveling with my own pack n’ play.

2.)  Upgrade your seat. When I got to the Jetblue counter, I asked to change my seat to one that had an empty seat next to it. On both of my legs, I lucked out with two seats for the price of one. (They didn’t charge me anything to do this). If your flight isn’t full and you’re traveling with an infant, your row will be the last one they fill.

3.) Save Those Bags! You know those huge blue Amazon sacks you get with you have a large item giftwrapped? They fit my Chicco Keyfit Caddy Stroller perfectly! My car seat goes in a travel bag that my parents gave us. Worked like a charm.

Happy Travels!

*Ok, on the way back, Aunty Laurie was there to help/’watch-Adele-So-I-Could-Get-Dunkin Donuts’ at the airport. But still. =)


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  1. Patricia Vitale Says:

    You are quite the Mom. Must be the family training. God Bless.

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