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Sick Day March 31, 2013

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Last Thursday, Adele was sent home from school with a mild fever and a runny nose. I left work and we spent the afternoon together playing quietly inside. I get a little stir crazy being in the house all day, but she didn’t even want to go for a stroller walk, so I did my best to keep her comfortable and happy inside.

She didn’t seem to have a cold, but she definitely wasn’t herself. She was a little whiny and wanted hugs all day.
IMG_0916Then it dawned on me. Mild Fever + Runny Nose + Whiny Baby = TWO NEW TOP TEETH! Poor girl! She cut two new teeth in one day! I couldn’t get a picture of them, but here’s the bottom ones!

She took a few good naps and still seemed to be in good spirits. I gave her some tylenol and some cold wash cloths to chomp on and she was pretty happy with that.

Oh, and when you’re cutting two new teeth, let’s just add another milestone that same day too while we’re at it! Look who was caught standing in her crib after a 2 hour nap!

That’s my girl! She never does anything half-way. She goes big or goes home. What a big girl.

The next day was Good Friday, so Adele didn’t have any school. Irving watched her in the morning, and I came home early to spend the rest of the day with her. I originally had plans to go to a local farm to see the Easter Bunny…. but she still wasn’t 100% so I sadly had to cancel our plans.

She was an angel, but I’d be lying if I told you I didn’t pout a little because I had to stay home. Working full time is a challenge and the only way I make it work is by stealing the time with Adele when I can. We really make our weekends count. We pack them full of fun, memory-making adventures. It’s a deliberate effort on our part to ensure we enjoy Adele as much as we can. Knowing I had a half-day on Friday, I wanted to steal the extra opportunity to fit in an extra play-date and do something fun to celebrate Easter. But since she wasn’t feeling well, I had to make peace with the fact that flexibility is important and sometimes things are out of my control.

Up until the hour I was supposed to leave the house, I was going back and forth trying to justify going anyways, but I knew it just wasn’t a good idea. In the end, I saw it as a blessing to be able to comfort and play with Adele at home. I did enjoy our time together nonetheless.

She’s pretty much back to herself now. The extra rest did her well and her smile now contains FOUR teeth! Hard to believe how fast she is growing. She’s been cracking us up lately.

Ok, now that the less-fun part of our Easter weekend is out of the way, stay tuned for all the pictures of the FUN parts we ended up doing as well! Spoiler Alert: Aquarium, Beach… and maybe the Easter Bunny. Maybe.