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Crickets April 8, 2013

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I know, I know. There have been crickets around Kelocity lately. I hear this has made a couple of Aunties pretty upset. Sorry for the absence! Truth is, it has been a quiet week with nothing too exciting to report on. Irving actually took Adele to San Francisco to visit Grandma this weekend…. which gave me THREE whole days to myself at home! I know, crazy right! It’s the longest I’ve ever gone without seeing Adele! Of course, I missed her like crazzzzzy, but it was also nice to get a ton done around the house too. I took full advantage and enjoyed a nice weekend of productivity and fun.

So while Adele was busy playing with Grandma (and Great-Grandma!), eating Chinese Food, Climbing up stairs (!!!!) and babbling to anyone who will listen, here’s what I was up to:

  • Finished sorting, retouching, labeling and archiving close to 30,000 photos and consolidated all of our digital media (photos, videos, documents) from 2 desktop computers, 1 laptop computer, 2 external drives, multiple thumb drives, multiple SD cards, emailed files and 3 cell phones
  • Scanned a pile of documents and then shred the actual paper copies.
  • Listened to my pretty fantastic pandora station that includes One Republic, Less than Jake, Blink 182, Coldplay, Greenday and Pitbull. It even played me some old school Verve Pipe and a few other hits from 1997. Awesome.
  • I slept in til 9am every day and didn’t make the bed once (don’t tell Irving).
  • Cleaned out my dresser drawers
  • Cleaned out my Bathroom drawers (I’m a beauty product hoarder, remember?)
  • Met a few other mamas at a dive bar on Saturday night. We stayed out til Midnight! Can’t remember the last time I did that! I wore a little black dress, makeup, jewelry and heels. It was awesome.
  • Yesterday, I met a friend and we swam at our local pool for an hour. I think we did 1,000 yards total. I love swimming, I have to do it more often. An awesome workout indeed.
  • After my swim, I immediately drove to Sports Authority to buy a new pair of goggles. (And now after looking them up on Amazon, I realize I overpaid by $7. Doh!)
  • Picked up takeout from Panera (my favorite!)
  • Went for a walk
  • Did my weekly Grocery trip
  • Drove to the mall, walked around for an hour and realized I didn’t really need anything.
  • Got a massage in the mall. Don’t judge, it was awesome.

So yea, it was a great weekend, but now I’m ready to snuggle Adele for a few hours. I missed her (and, oh yea, my husband) like crazy. But I’m glad they had fun!

What would you do if you had 48 hours to yourself?


2 Responses to “Crickets”

  1. Michele Says:

    I’d sleep and invite you over to help me get organized!

  2. olsontwins Says:

    Sleep. I think the only thing I’d do in 48 hours alone is sleep.

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