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Kona to Hilo – Waterfalls and Mac Nuts May 23, 2013

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Last Hawaii Post!! Promise!
IMG_2799We were able to witness a Solar Eclipse the week we were there! If you look at the glare, you can see the moon’s shadow sliding over the sun! I viewed it with special glasses and I promise it looked much cooler than it does in this photo.

On our last day in Hawaii, we had to check out at 10am, but our flight wasn’t until 8pm out of Hilo. So we went for one last swim in our pool (and showered in the Hospitality Suite) and then took our time driving across the island until we had to leave.

We stopped for lunch at Tex’s Drive In (yum!) and then landed at Akaka Falls.

I love this photo of ‘Park Ranger Daddy’.


THEN (Circa 2004)
Hawaii- Day 4 (56)

And Now!

If it wasn’t a million degrees and super humid, we would have hung out a little while longer. But mama doesn’t like the heat.

THEN (Circa 2004)
Hawaii- Day 4 (52)

And Now!


After our fill of water falls, we continued our drive to Hilo. We quickly visited Hilo Hatties and the Mauna Loa Macadamia Nut factory once we got there! You better believe we sampled our way through that store! YUM!

THEN (Circa 2004)
Hawaii- Day 4 (45)

And Now!

Mmm… I spy two things in this picture look delicious!

And with that, we conclude our picture journal of our first official vacation as a family of three.