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Mele Kalikimaka December 20, 2013

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Mele Kalikimaka is the thing to say

On a bright Hawaiian Christmas Day

That’s the island greeting that we send to you

From the land where palm trees sway

Here we know that Christmas will be green and bright

The sun will shine by day and all the stars at night

Mele Kalikimaka is Hawaii’s way to say Merry Christmas to you

Photos taken in Hawaii at Buddha Point in May 2013 


Kona to Hilo – Waterfalls and Mac Nuts May 23, 2013

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Last Hawaii Post!! Promise!
IMG_2799We were able to witness a Solar Eclipse the week we were there! If you look at the glare, you can see the moon’s shadow sliding over the sun! I viewed it with special glasses and I promise it looked much cooler than it does in this photo.

On our last day in Hawaii, we had to check out at 10am, but our flight wasn’t until 8pm out of Hilo. So we went for one last swim in our pool (and showered in the Hospitality Suite) and then took our time driving across the island until we had to leave.

We stopped for lunch at Tex’s Drive In (yum!) and then landed at Akaka Falls.

I love this photo of ‘Park Ranger Daddy’.


THEN (Circa 2004)
Hawaii- Day 4 (56)

And Now!

If it wasn’t a million degrees and super humid, we would have hung out a little while longer. But mama doesn’t like the heat.

THEN (Circa 2004)
Hawaii- Day 4 (52)

And Now!


After our fill of water falls, we continued our drive to Hilo. We quickly visited Hilo Hatties and the Mauna Loa Macadamia Nut factory once we got there! You better believe we sampled our way through that store! YUM!

THEN (Circa 2004)
Hawaii- Day 4 (45)

And Now!

Mmm… I spy two things in this picture look delicious!

And with that, we conclude our picture journal of our first official vacation as a family of three.


Good Morning! May 22, 2013

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Each of our Hawaiian mornings began like this. Adele waking up at 6:30a for a quick cup of milk before heading back to bed for another 3 hours. The sun was just starting to show it’s glow, the resort was sleepy and the mischievous cats were roaming the backyard. Just wanted to post a few pictures to capture how perfect it was. It’s these little moments I treasure the most in life.
Oh hey, Milk Beard!
IMG_2629Here, Kitty, Kitty, Kitty!


Home Away from Home May 20, 2013

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Our goal for our trip to Hawaii was to relax and enjoy the resort as much as possible. In fact, we only left the property once (to visit Kona). But with a room like this, why would you ever want to leave?


Our unit was bigger than my home in LA! We had two bedrooms, so Adele was able to have her own space and sleep soundly. (Man, that’s an understatement. She seriously slept 15 hours almost every night!)

We reserved a crib from the hotel (free of charge), but we brought our own sheets (and I manically wiped the whole thing down with antibacterial wipes before she slept in it. ha! We also rented a high chair which worked out really well for all the meals we enjoyed in our unit too.

The rest of her room was used as a baby staging area. Clothes and accessories on the left…. and diapers and such on the right! It was so nice to spread out and have space!

Below, you can see what I packed for her. Things I didn’t use/need: shoes, sandals, socks, pants, cardigan, sunglasses. She mostly lived in onsies, bathing suits and dresses the whole time we were there.


Before we checked into our hotel, we spent a few hours shopping for things we needed for the week. At Walmart, we got diapers, sand toys, POG, cream cheese and paper plates/utensils. At the grocery store, we stocked up on OJ, Deli meat/cheese/milk, macaroni salad, yogurt for Adele, bananas and produce. At Costco, we grabbed a case of water, 3 bottles of Champagne and one more bottle of wine, a block of good cheese, a mac-nut pie!, big bowl of cut fruit, bread, bagels, salad, a pizza and some other random food items. Yea, it took a few hours of our vacation, but saved us hours and hours (and money) during the week. Adele had to nap anyways, so we enjoyed all but 3 meals in our room.


While we did enjoy daily mimosas, the bottle of wine and one bottle of Champagne ended up coming home with us. Guess we over estimated. haha

We had a detailed meal plan/itinerary that we made prior to our trip, and it really worked out well for us!

It was so nice to wake up, have a mimosa and read on the lanai while Adele was snoozing in the other room (we also traveled with our baby monitors so we didn’t have to worry about not hearing her!)

I did bring a few toys and books with us too. They were great on the plane, in the car and in the room. We also bought a few sand toys while we were there too.


Outside our room, we could see goats(?) walking by in herds. Kinda random and funny! We also had a resident gecko that came out to see us each morning too.

Confession…. we ended up with SEVEN bags to schlep on the plane: Car seat, stroller, checked bag, golf clubs, diaper bag (backpack), Camera Bag (3 different cameras, 3 lenses and an underwater housing!) and a Briefcase. Not to mention an 18 pound baby to carry too!


Somehow we managed it all. It was a pain at the airports, but we were really happy to have everything we needed to be comfortable during our week. It’s not typically how we pack and travel, but we basically moved in this time. Not sure we could have done it any different without sacrificing something. No regrets. It was an incredible week.
Hawaii Blog


Cool by the Pool May 17, 2013

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One more Poolside Photo Recap post for ya! Just a collection of some photos from the week.

First up… pictures from the Golf Clubhouse where we met daddy for lunch one day! He had a golf PR (is that a thing?) that morning! Best round he’s ever played!



We found a patch of grass and set up shop one afternoon. Irving and I took turns on baby duty while the other one read magazines and books. Heaven. Adele just played with a shovel. ha!



This picture is so funny because Adele is TERRIFIED of grass. She won’t go near it unless she absolutely has to. She kept peeking under the towel to check to see if it was still there. Spoiler Alert: it was!




Of course, when it was my turn to read, I couldn’t peel my eyes away from these two.







I spy Daddy and Adele!




Don’t worry, I had Adele safely on land when Irving did a little waterfall dive here!




Another snack! Each one of these little puffs is 1/3 calorie! I don’t really mind if she has a handful here or there. They’re more of a distraction than anything else really.




Awe, daddy loves!





So apparently there are goats on the resort property? Kind of random, no?








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