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Baby Gourmet July 8, 2013

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Adele has always been a great eater. We credit most of it to the Baby Led Weaning approach we did in the beginning. But because we have her in Daycare for breakfast and lunch, our philosophy has become a mix of different things. We did a little bit of BLW, a little bit of purees (only for a few weeks), and now, we’re in this new phase of toddler eating. I’m still feeling my way through this, but I thought I would share a little bit of what’s working for us now.

I used to put bites (bit by bit) on her tray and add more as she ate them. But then I realized she was throwing most of it on the floor… so then I had a lightbulb moment and realized she wanted to choose the order of the foods she was eating. Choices! Toddlers love choices! So I started filling up her plate and putting it in front of her. Like magic, suddenly almost ALL of the food was ending up in her mouth and almost nothing on the floor.

So for about a week now, she’s been eating her meals this way. I think she enjoys the freedom and I enjoy being able to eat my own meal uninterrupted now.

So what’s she been eating for dinner lately? Here’s a sampling!
IMG_9486Chicken Ravioli, Strawberries, Steamed Carrots & Yogurt Ricecakes

IMG_9516Chicken, Cantaloupe, Steamed Carrots, Trader Joe’s Fried Rice & Strawberries

IMG_95391/2 Grilled Cheese and Deli Chicken Sandwich, Steamed Carrots, Mandarin Oranges & Strawberries
(Note: She didn’t really like the sandwich, we’re having a problem with ‘assembled’ foods. Any suggestions?)

IMG_96121/2 Grilled Cheese & Deli Chicken Sandwich, Mandarin Oranges, Steamed Carrots & Avocado
(I kind of de-assembled the sandwich this time and she ate more of it than the day before).

IMG_9697Homemade Meatballs, Egg Noodles, Steamed Carrots, Watermelon & Strawberries

Basically I try to get a protein, a grain, a fruit and a vegetable into every dinner. If Adele had it her way, she’d eat only a big bowl of strawberries for every meal. She usually gestures for more, but I make her eat more of her plate before giving her seconds of the good stuff.


But truthfully, we had a 3-4 night stretch where nothing was dropped on the floor… but now, we’re kind of back to square one. It’s a “one-bite-in-the-mouth-one-bite-on-the-floor” routine that I just can’t figure out how to solve. Oh, and now, on top of that, she figured out she can flip the plate over too. Aye aye aye. Is this a phase? When does it end? Any suggestions? I think it’s time to put my food mat under her high chair again. Food is fun!



7 Responses to “Baby Gourmet”

  1. Kath Says:

    Great post! I need to do steamed carrots

  2. katie Says:

    What a cutie! Her meals are colorful and appetizing and you are right, toddlers LOVE choices! Expecting my second and good to start remembering finger foods. If it helps, my 3.5 year old just started eating sandwiches, but he’s obsessed with them. Maybe it’s a visual thing (treats hidden inside bread vs being seen on a plate…) Love your blog and adding to my feedly.

  3. Lucas also didn’t do purees so he eats like an older person. He also doesn’t like when I make the sandwich bites really small, he rather have them larger and take little bites. I really have no other suggestions 🙂

  4. My guy is touch and go with eating. Some nights he eats tons, others not so much. He is now in a dipping phase and loves to dip anything. So I put a bit of yogurt next to fruit, syrup with french toast and a bit of ketchup with chicken cutlets. I also got a plate that suctions to the tray. It’s all sorts of awesome but it was pricey. So worth it though!!!

  5. olsontwins Says:

    First, oh my god I am so jealous that Adele will feed herself all of that and that you only did purees for such a short amount of time!!!! We STILL do purees for things like spinach, broccoli, cauliflower… and the boys are 19 months! I suck.

    Are the sandwich pieces maybe a little too large for her? Does she take bites? It might be easier for her to have a smaller piece she could just pop into her mouth.

    But that’s all I have for advice bc what to feed the boys, how to feed it to them, how often, what consistency, etc has been my main question since they were on formula!! They eat everything, but 99% of it I feed to them. They are totally capable of feeding themselves, they hoover down Cheerios on their own, they will eat cookies or crackers on their own. But a carrot? NO WAY. But they have no problem if I feed them a carrot, just won’t do it themselves unless its something they love. I feel like I waited too long to make them try to do it themselves and I missed the window. I’m going to be spoon feeding and popping tiny sandwich bites into the mouths of high school seniors!

    Good luck! Adele seems to already be doing great with food, I’m sure she’ll come around. Though, her own plate… that might be wishful thinking that it not get flipped over. My boys would have that across the room about a half second after I put it on their tray. Just stick all the food on her tray with no plate, at least then she has to throw each individual piece rather than toss the tray!

  6. Angie Says:

    I love seeing what others feed their little ones. Since I’m home for the summer we have been trying to feed more finger foods and its great to get ideas.

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