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Weekend! August 5, 2013

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{Backlogged from July 19, 2012}

We had a great weekend here at Adele’s house!

Friday, we had a play date with one of her friends at a local indoor gym. They had a great time riding in cars, pushing toys around, jumping in the ball pit and playing in the little play house. It was awesome!

Is there anything that entertains a 1-year old more than a door that opens and closes? 

Friday night, we all went out to eat at an Italian Restaurant. Daddy, Adele and I shared a meatball/onion/pepper pizza that was pretty awesome. It was one of those red-checkered plastic table cloth kind of places. So awesome.

Saturday, we previewed a baby dance class and it was a blast! Adele was watching the teacher and dancing along. She especially loves putting her hands in the air (and then yelling “Dowwwwwnnn” when she puts them back down!) I think we’ll have to make this class a regular thing.

After the class, a few friends and I headed to a nearby park and got some climbing and sliding in.

(Side Note: I can’t wait for Adele to walk so she doesn’t have to bust up her knees crawling outside anymore!)
(Side Note #2: I hope she doesn’t walk til she’s two because I’m terrified of what our life will look like with a destructive, curious little girl wandering around. That, and I don’t want to believe she’s old enough to walk!)

Anyways, after the park, we met up with 4 other moms and babies to have lunch! 5 babies shared 4 high chairs and it was awesome. We went to The Stand, which turned out to be an awesome place to eat with kids. The food is great and the atmosphere was perfect. I ordered Adele a grilled cheese and it came on a hotdog roll, how fun is that?!

We sat for a couple of hours and I enjoyed every second of it. I’ve said it before, but I just love our little village of moms! Sometimes these impromptu lunch dates are more fun than a big trip someplace exciting. We’ve got a nice balance there.

Once we got home, some of us played with the farm house and then went down for a nice afternoon nap. Someone was tuckered out after such a fun day!

Oh, and she got her hand stamped at the dance class! Baby’s first stamp! It’s like she got entry into an exclusive baby club or something (Adele, no real clubbing til you’re 35 ok?) I was a little excited about this. She’s really a little kid now! How cute is this!