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Old MacDonald Had a Duck October 14, 2013

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While I was home, I wanted to get together with some of my friends and their kids! Seems like yesterday we were all 16 and driving to the beach together, but now, I counted 12 kids between us! It’s so much fun. We found a local farm to meet up at where the kids could see some animals, have some donuts and play. The weather was great, a perfect New England fall day.

Adele thinks anything with a beak is a duck, so she was quacking at the turkeys and the peacocks. haha

(PS. these pants. Love!)

It was fun to catch up with my friends too. In between tantrums, cranky babies, sleeping babies, dirty babies, hungry babies and running babies… we somehow managed a few minutes of actual conversation. Kinda. At the end, all the kids were melting down, it was actually pretty funny. That’s what it’s all about, right? Nothing a little pumpkin ice cream and some cider can’t fix.

I love this picture of Adele and Harper because I’m pretty sure I have one just like this of Shelby (Harper’s mom) and I at a farm when we were this age too! I have to find that!


I had big plans for a big group photo of all the kids, but it just wasn’t in the cards this time. Shelby and I stayed a little longer and let the kids wander around the pumpkin patch and chase ducks. Wish we lived closer!


When we got home, Adele wanted to take Gizmo for a walk. Out of all the animals at the farm, I think she still likes doggies the best.