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Health-Tober October 15, 2013

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It’s safe to say our lives have been a little hectic lately. We laugh that we haven’t had a full normal week since the beginning of May. We love being busy, but the past few weeks, I’ve been trying to find my center again. Trying to create balance and carve out some moments of peace among the crazy. Here’s a few things I’ve been doing lately for my own mental and physical health…

Time with Irving
We were so lucky to have had family around here and there over the past couple of months. We took full advantage of our ‘built-in babysitters’ and got in a few nice dates. We spent a weekend away in Boston and got out on a nice trail walk together too.

We try to get out for a walk a few times a week. Now that the weather is cooling off, it’s been so nice to get some fresh air.

Time with Adele
I’ve been trying to soak in all of her toddlerhood lately. She’s just been cracking me up. We’ve done a dance class, a music class, a few playgrounds and some playdates lately. I love to socialize with the moms and see her play with her friends. She thinks everything is funny now and her laughter is contagious. My favorite thing now is how she says “Cheese” when you ask to take her picture!


Well, I can tell you this… my return to yoga was humbling. I am SO out of shape you guys. Woah. I can’t believe I was more in shape 9 months pregnant than I was last week. Whew! I did “Mom+Toddler” yoga and it was AWESOME. I had my same amazing teacher I had for my prenatal class. It was so much fun. A few of my friends were in the class too and all the kids just sat and played in the middle while we stretched and held poses. Adele thought it was funny to crawl between my legs during downdog. It was fun to meditate while holding my baby and take some deep breaths together. And she loved when we all did our ‘ohms’ at the beginning and the end. She clapped when it was over. So cute!

Confession: I haven’t cut my hair in OVER a year! Whatttt? I was holding out because I wanted to do an updo in Mikaela’s wedding (I’ll have a few photos posted soon!) But I’m super excited to cut my tresses this week. Mama needs it!

Flu Shot
It’s that time of year again! With a little one in daycare, we don’t take any chances. I know the flu shot is controversial among parents, but we opted in for Adele last month and we’re protecting ourselves as well.  I headed to the CVS Minuteclinic* to get mine this year. I’d never been, but it was actually pretty easy. Admittedly, I waited an hour for my appointment, but Adele and I kept ourselves busy in the toy aisle while we waited.
20131014_173843Don’t worry, we cleaned up before we left!

Hoping Health-Tober continues! I’ve got a few fun things lined up including trying an Aerial Yoga class! My arms are hating me already.


*The CVS Minute Clinic provided me with a free flu shot. I was happy to try it out because I had never been before. It was a great alternative to making an appointment at the doctor, waiting for the nurse, and billing insurance for hundreds of dollars (my pet peeve). I was pleasantly surprised by the service. Consider it for your yearly flu shot! Protect yourself against the flu!
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