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Biking in Boston October 13, 2013

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After Mikaela’s bachelorette party, Irving met me in Boston and we got to enjoy two whole days together in the city! Adele had plenty of babysitters at my mom’s house, so we took advantage of the time to explore the city where Irving and I met!

On Sunday, we walked around Faneuil Hall and the Harbor. It was gorgeous out and we had fun just looking at everything that has changed (and hasn’t changed) since we left. (PS can you believe I’ve been living in LA for 9 years already?!) Crazy.

We ate lunch in Downtown Crossing.

And had dinner in the North End. It was fun to hold hands and pretend we were still in college. Awe, memories.

On Monday, we started our day with a tour of Emerson’s new campus. I’m so jealous of the kids who get to go to school there now. So many awesome changes. And somehow, we ended up getting the Will & Grace set put on display in our library! Neat!!

(Here’s what it looked like on the show):

And then we rented bikes through Hubway! It was only $6 for a bike that we could use for 24 hours. The only catch is that you have to park and exchange it every 30 minutes or you get charged by the hour. I think it’s intended for short commutes, but Irving and I took this as a challenge. We biked 13 miles stopping to exchange our bikes 7 times (there are stations all over the city, it’s awesome!) Here’s a rough estimate of our route:
Screen Shot 2013-10-13 at 12.30.09 PM



For lunch, we stopped at our old stomping ground! Wing-It!!!!!

Oh man, SO good!

After lunch, we were tired and headed back to our hotel (We stayed at the Omni Parker this time, it was pretty nice. Really old, but also charming and romantic.) We wanted to try and make it almost all the way back in 30 minutes (to minimize bike exchanges in between) but there was still time for a little pit stop along the charles:

What a fun adventure in the city. =)


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  1. I love this post!! What a fun adventure! And it totally makes me miss Boston. How neat that they have bikes so readily available. I’ve been looking forward to your wedding posts (love the bachelorette hotel room photo session!). Looks like you all had a great time back east! Can’t wait to see more!

    P.S. I was just looking through Toluca Lake Halloween photos from past years (for a special Halloween post on my blog) and it made me so homesick! It’s such a fun time of year and you, Irving, and Adele are my favorite people to share it with!

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