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16.5 Months October 27, 2013

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Note: The videos aren’t loading properly today… i’ll check back tomorrow to see what’s up.

I guess technically it’s more like 16.75 months… I’m a little behind. But we’ve been having a blast lately. This little lady has grown SO much in the past few weeks.

Everything is growing! Her body, her hair, her vocabulary…. her temper! I think it’s safe to say somewhere between months 15 and 16 she became a toddler. Really when she started walking everything else sort of took off with it.  She’s a solid walker now, though she does flail her arms around when she does it, it’s really funny.


As you saw in my video yesterday, she’s talking up a storm now.  Not full sentences, but lots and lots of words. Some of her words are: quack, woof, meow meow, moo, baa, no, yes (pronounced ‘yessh’), mama, dada, water, bottle, bubbles, wheeee, up, down, beep beep, car, cat, bravo, light.

And she knows most of her body parts too (eyes, ears, nose, mouth, tummy, head, feet, hands).

She also understands commands like “Come here, Go there, Climb up, Spin in a circle, dance, where’s your milk?, Do you want to go outside?, put it in your mouth, get that out of your mouth, clap your hands, push the button, etc”. Her favorite song is “If you’re happy and you know it clap your hands”. Especially the “Shout Hooray” verse.

As much as she understands now, she also has “Toddler Selective Hearing”… you know, that thing where if you’re misbehaving you pretend you don’t hear mommy telling you ‘no’? Yep. She’s mastered that one too.

She’s getting fresh and I love it. haha
She’s still loving her books. In fact, I just went out and got her some more this weekend. She actually pays attention to stories now, and scours the pictures for little things hiding in the background. She can spot a ‘car’ or a ‘bird’ way in the background. She’s very observant.

IMG_1373Here’s a video of Irving reading to her recently (yep, on the kitchen floor). Storytime has become very interactive and we’re loving it! (If the link doesn’t work, click here).

She’s also really into straps, buckles and zippers lately. Her high chair and stroller have become just as interesting as her toys.

Her hair is starting to grow!!  It’s in that weird stage where it’s getting in her eyes, but it’s too short to do much with it.

But I did get it into a ponytail this weekend!

I love the “downdog” transition between sitting and standing up. So cute!

I can’t really believe it but she’s already into imaginary play. She loves putting her animals to bed, carrying around my purses and pretending. These developmental leaps are incredible. Here’s a video from when I was back home of Aunty Laurie’s ‘tea party’. (If the link doesn’t work, click here).

Some stats from month 16:
Weight: 20.5lbs
Diapers: Size 3
Shoes: Size 4
Pants: 12 Months & 18 Months
Shirts: 18 Months

IMG_1336These monthly photos are becoming comical. They usually look like this:

And end like this:

But ultimately, I got my shot… her official 16 (and a half) month photo: