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Living In the Lens November 12, 2013

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As a mom, I’m always staring at Adele in awe at how big she is and how much she can do now. I’m constantly wondering where time went and where my little newborn has gone. Although I’m trying to live in the moment more, I’m also conscious of the fact that these moments too are fleeting and I have to capture them so I can look back and smile someday.

This week, I noticed Adele was trying to escape the bathroom by reaching for the knob. She can’t quite reach, but I ran out and grabbed my camera and made her try again to capture it. It was just so cute because even on her tiptoes she’s not quite tall enough.


Someday I’ll say “remember when you could barely reach the top of the counter?” And I’ll have this picture to look back on.

I love my posed photoshoot pictures, but I really love these ‘slice of life’ ones more. The ones that will someday paint a picture of someone’s life.

The ones I’ll look at when my baby goes to college and I miss her.

But right now, I’m enjoying her here and now. And maybe snapping some photos along the way to remember it by. That fine balance between living in the lens and living behind it.