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An Apple a Day… December 3, 2013

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Adele’s new favorite word? Apple.

Adele’s new favorite food? Apple.

She comes to me begging for apples now. (Apple? Apple? –pronounced “app-pull”) She’ll then hold onto it and eat almost the whole thing over the course of an hour or so (the skin takes forever for her to chew.)

I gave her a small apple to chew this weekend… and right before I had company over, I panicked and realized it was missing. I looked in all her toy bins and in her usual hiding places… no apple! I’m pretty sure she didn’t eat the whole thing, core and all. And I KNOW it is in my house somewhere! And I can’t find it!

I must say I am incredibly disappointed that I had three toddlers here that night and none of them found it. Adele must have found a darn good hiding place, because murphy’s law states that if there is something that isn’t a toy, a toddler will find it. So… where is it?! I’ll update you when I find it! And believe me, I WILL find it!

[Update! two days later, we found the apple! It was in a box of Keurig K-Cups in one of our cupboards. Nicely done, Adele.]