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Weekend Getaway: Monterey Butterflies January 25, 2014

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After our full day at the Aquarium, we all slept great and woke up ready for more! Our room was comfortable with a king bed, and plenty of room for a pack n play. All three nights we were there, we put Adele down around 8pm and turned out the lights. Then Irving and I sat in bed and read on our phones/laptops in the dark for another hour before passing out. We logged a lot of sleep while we were up there, it was great!

We headed back to the Black Bear Diner for breakfast (it’s THAT good!) I had an amazing biscuit with a side of fruit. Adele had some ham and eggs with berries and toast on the side.

Our destination for the morning was the Natural History Museum.

We thought the Butterfly Exhibit was there, but turns out it was actually a few blocks down. Before we left, we explored the ‘backyard’ of the museum and found this fun nest to play in!

I love this picture. She’s climbing trees!

We eventually did find the Butterflies! The Monarchs love the trees and weather in this particular neighborhood and come for a visit for a few months each year.

They had a simple trail where you could walk down and back and observe all the pretty butterflies.
The tip-toes!
I love her free spirit and love of the outdoors. She was running so fast I thought she would trip!

The butterflies were awesome, there were SO many!


We had a great time looking at the “Utter-fries” =)

After our fun morning, we headed back to the hotel so Adele could take a nap. We took advantage of our built-in babysitters and snuck out for an afternoon date! First, we headed to Lover’s Point to climb some rocks and watch the waves. It felt like the old, adventurous ‘Kelley and Irving’.


After that, we had lunch together, walked around a mall, got some Coldstone ice cream and then say American Hustle in the theater! It was SO wonderful to get away for a few hours. We had a blast. It was the perfect date!


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  1. How fun! Love the shots of you three in the nest! And your afternoon date sounds fun — the beach, ice cream, and a movie? Nice! 🙂

  2. gagadiaries Says:

    What beautiful family photos! I love that you manage to see both sides of your family so much despite the miles that separate you. Makes for some special travel adventures and memories for everyone!

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