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My Little Baker February 10, 2014

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On Saturday, determined to squeeze the juice out of my weekend time with Adele, I decided to try baking with her. She’s baked once before with Grammie, but I hadn’t tried it yet. I honestly didn’t think she’d be interested or have the attention span longer than a few minutes… but I was wrong!

She loved it! She paid attention to what I was doing, what was next, and was eager to help! It was so fun!


I prepared everything super fast and ran through the recipe quick to keep her attention (though I realized after I probably could have taken my time a bit more). In my rush, I kind of messed up the recipe, but in the end, it all worked out! They were DELICIOUS!


Adele’s favorite part was placing a few additional M&Ms on the cookies before they went into the oven. She had great technique (one in the cookie, two in her mouth!) I think that was her first taste of M&Ms. Her whole face lit up when she realized how yummy they were!



My little chef!



Sneaking some of the good stuff…


I think her teachers loved the Valentine’s Day treats! They were made with love! (Even if I did accidentally chop up some of the M&Ms in the mixer — oops!)IMG_4255

The aftermath!

Any toddler-friendly recipes you want to share?