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Winter at the Beach February 18, 2014

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I know, I know. The timing of this post is pretty awful given the crazy storms hitting the rest of America… but over here in our LA Bubble, it’s been mid-70s and beautiful! (Don’t send me hate mail!)

Last weekend, I was feeling a lot of anxiety for no good reason. The week felt unbalanced, like I just didn’t have enough time to properly devote myself to anything. I was missing my girl and feeling like I need to re-center myself again. To hit that reset button and to remind myself what’s really important.

So when I woke up on Saturday, I packed up the car with a beach chair, enough pails and shovels for army, a cooler full of snacks and a pile of magazines and books. I drove without any real destination in mind. I just headed west towards the ocean until the right spot revealed itself. I ended up an hour away in Malibu. I almost paid $8 to park in a lot, but then decided to keep going down the road a bit until I found the perfect parking spot.

Yep, this looks like the perfect place to park, yes? No joke, I literally parked on the sand, we were THAT close. And it was freeeee! A good sign this adventure was meant to be!

When I got there, Adele was napping in her carseat, so I rolled down all the windows and read a couple of magazines while enjoying the view. It was so peaceful and quiet. At one point, I looked into the rear view mirror and saw Adele’s eyes quietly looking back at me smiling.

I picked her up and hauled her, a chair, and three big bags across the sand towards the ocean. We found the perfect spot and spread out a big blanket. There were only a few people on the entire beach. It was perfect!

My beach chair soon got taken over by my toddler, but she was so cute, I let her take it.

I got some beach gunk on my phone’s camera lens, so these are a little blurry. But they help paint the ‘care-free’ picture from the day. 20140201_140838
A little beach reading!

We did get a little sand castle building in there too. But really, the most fun game of all is taking all the shovels and pails and putting them on the beach chair… and then taking them off… and then putting them on… Life with a toddler, you get it.20140201_143156

This day was exactly what we needed. It was one of my most favorite days with Adele, ever. Just the two of us, with no plan, no schedule. She had so much fun I think. We’ll have to ‘getaway’ more often. 20140201_140911Tear is from the wind I think. Nothing but smiles at the beach, promise!


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  1. Laurie Says:

    Looks like a ton of fun! She’s the best! I love how she stole your chair. Queen bee!!
    Why the tear in the last photo? What’s there to cry about when you got your alphabet book, shovels, and moms chair?! Hahaha she’s such a ham.

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