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A Little Rearranging March 12, 2014

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My, what a difference a baby can make. For many reasons… but today, we’re talking about our house. We rearranged Adele’s room— again. 


Before she was born, we took her room from this:

…to this. {Remember our time lapse video?}

And over the weekend, we changed it to look like this:
That couch has now taken up residence on all three sides of the room so far!

What did we take out to make room? These:

We actually haven’t had the computers on those desks for a while now. They’ve been camping out on our dining room table for a few months. We finally got sick of them taking up space, so we set up a work station in the dining room:

Sure, not ideal, but they are a little hidden back there, we get our table back, and Adele gets extra space in her room. Win-win-win.

She now has the whole floor to play on, a table to play at, and a kitchen and shelves of toys/books to play with. All in one place.