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A Little Rearranging March 12, 2014

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My, what a difference a baby can make. For many reasons… but today, we’re talking about our house. We rearranged Adele’s room— again. 


Before she was born, we took her room from this:

…to this. {Remember our time lapse video?}

And over the weekend, we changed it to look like this:
That couch has now taken up residence on all three sides of the room so far!

What did we take out to make room? These:

We actually haven’t had the computers on those desks for a while now. They’ve been camping out on our dining room table for a few months. We finally got sick of them taking up space, so we set up a work station in the dining room:

Sure, not ideal, but they are a little hidden back there, we get our table back, and Adele gets extra space in her room. Win-win-win.

She now has the whole floor to play on, a table to play at, and a kitchen and shelves of toys/books to play with. All in one place.


The Stages of Life… February 13, 2012

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For almost six years, we’ve lived comfortably in our two-bedroom condo. We fell in love with our spacious home office and spent 99% of our time hanging out at our desks. We each had our own space and could do whatever we wanted in our own corners. We eat there, watch TV there (on our computers), work on projects, scrapbook, plan vacations, etc. The list goes on and on.

When we moved in, it looked like this:

And soon after, we  each had a side that was uniquely ours. Irving’s had LA Galaxy decorations, and mine looked like this:

But now that baby is on the way, we had some serious compromising to do because this room has to now serve as the nursery. We’ve been working furiously to get rid of things we don’t need (through ebay, craigslist & donations) and reorganize our lives to accommodate for the third member of our family. We are getting really close to being done; every day gets closer and closer.

This past weekend, our project was to break down the book shelves and clean out the closet.


The TV has been donated, CDs have been digitized and/or put into binders, drawers have been sold on craigslist and VHS tapes have been boxed up. Everything else has found a new home elsewhere in the condo.


Out with the old and in with the new! Baby needs book shelves, right?

We also cleared out half our closet. Sorry baby, you don’t get a whole closet though, you have to share with the scrapbook supplies, tool boxes and Irving’s golf clubs. You don’t mind though, right? We got a baby closet organizer so we have a place to store clothes, toys, diapers, etc. Irving was such a great daddy this weekend and put it all together.



Not bad, right? It’s a work in progress. We can’t wait to take the desks apart, build the crib, paint the room and decorate. We’re super excited.


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