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Eight Reasons Why I Travel April 27, 2014

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{Originally written on April 12, 2014}


As I am sitting here writing this post, I am currently on an airplane half way between North America and Asia.



Out the window, we see nothing but snow capped glaciers that go on into the horizon and blend into the clouds. The daylight is chasing our plane as we seem to be traveling at the same speed as the timezones. With the exception of Hawaii, I’ve never flown west to east before. Everything about this trip feels different. Irving and I are heading to China for a two-week tour, our first introduction to Asia. We are excited to take our first international trip since Adele was born. It’s only been one day and we already miss her.

But she will be embarking on an adventure of her own while we are away. She’s taking two flights, visiting three states and sleeping in four cities. Of course we miss her like crazy, but I just hope she doesn’t miss us…too much. I wonder as I’m sitting here if she even knows we are gone?

There will be a 12 hour time difference between us over the next couple of weeks. Are we crazy to travel abroad while leaving our 22-month old daughter behind? Part of me feels a bit guilty as I’m sipping my complimentary wine, catching up on some of the recent Oscar Nominated films on the plane. Is it selfish to put our own desire to see the world ahead of spending time with Adele? I know in my heart that the answer to that question is, no.

Travel is my passion. My hobby. And the one thing that really connects Irving and I. We have a great life together in Los Angeles of course, but we never feel more connected than when we’re on the road –preferably on a tour bus with 30 of our closest new friends in a country we haven’t seen before. Experiencing something new together.  I can’t describe it. It makes me feel alive. It makes me feel strong, brave, and adventurous.

I feel like travel defines me. And I like it that way. We were more than willing to give it up for two years when Adele was born and the year after. But now, it’s time to get back into it again. Time to dust off the ole’ passport and get some fresh stamps. It was like Christmas morning pulling out of ‘tub of travel supplies’ when we packed last week. We’ve got more Eagle Creek products than we can count. And a slew of luggage tags, travel locks, and more. We were feeling a little rusty as we prepared for this trip. We’d like to think of ourselves as smart travelers, but feeling a little off our game this time. Maybe it’s because I didn’t just have to pack my own suitcase, but also had to pack up Adele for two weeks as well! Lots of moving pieces had to come together to make this work. (That’s a story for another post!)

We’re SO very lucky to have family members willing to jump in to watch Adele for us so we can fulfill our need to travel. We obviously couldn’t have made this happen without their support. I’m not sure people completely understand why we wanted to take this trip. But they were happy to have the excuse to play with Adele without us. =)

When we told friends and family we were going out of the country for two weeks sans-baby, I know they were skeptical. I might change my mind one week into the trip, but I have to say it was easier than you’d think. Adele may or may not remember this when she gets older, but here’s what I hope she gets out of it someday:
1.) I want her to look up to Irving and I and see us following our own dreams. I want her to know she can also do anything she wants in life.

2.) I want her to know that life doesn’t end when you have kids. Of course Adele IS my life, but it doesn’t mean my own identity and passions have to fall to the wayside.

3.) I want her to be brought up with a sense of adventure so that she may grow up to wander as well. Maybe she’ll like it, maybe she wont, but if she chooses to travel, she won’t be a stranger to it.

4.) I want her to also be independent. She’s such an easy going kid. Sending her on a plane with an Aunt or a Grandmother doesn’t even phase her now and I’d love for that to continue. She’ll sleep anywhere, anytime. Raising her to be flexible and open to change in routine will hopefully help shape her into an interesting person. All of these moments early on are life experiences for her.

5.) With family on two coasts, she’ll likely be traveling solo on flights when she’s old enough. Maybe even as young as 7. I want her to be a savvy traveler from an early age. To develop street smarts and common sense. We are hopefully teaching her by example that the world is small and to see it with excitement and not fear.

6.) I want her to know she’s her own person and isn’t solely “Kelley and Irving’s daughter”. She’ll have her own story to tell someday. And I know it will be a good one. Maybe I give her too much credit, but I see it as a good thing that she’ll have challenges to face on her own without us there 24/7. Maybe a break from us is good for her too.

7.) As I said above, Irving and I travel because it brings us together. I want Adele to see us and know we love each other so much and enjoy each other’s company.  I want her to know that we are happy. A happy marriage is a happy family!

8.) As a new-ish mom, I’ve found it easy to fall into the routine of life. The daycare runs, the sippy cup washing, endless laundry and nursery rhymes. I LOVE this life of mine, everything about it. I proudly wear the mom hat, but it feels so empowering to wear other hats at times too. And right now, it is also the traveler hat.  Balance is a good thing.


And with that, we’re off to China! Let the adventure begin!!

PS. Our Air Canada flight served ‘Cup O’ Noodle’ soup as a snack! We’re off to a good start already!



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